Earn Money With Shortened URLs

There are a lot of ways to earn money both online and offline. No matter what method you use to earn money, you will have to put in some efforts for that. There is hardly a way that can get you a lot of money without working. But what if you start getting money in your PayPal account or in the form of Bitcoins, without doing anything? That would surely be like a dream come true! And this dream can come true with a short URL generator. You just have to share link and earn money.It is as simple as that!

Now before you start thinking of getting rich with this super easy money earning technique, let us give you some information about what is a short URL generator. Let us begin with an example. When you see a nice article online and would like to share it with your friends how will you share it? On WhatsApp or Twitter or maybe Instagram, right? But how will you feel if the link that you send read something like, ‘www.random_example.com/random-characters-that-make-no-sense-at-all/why-are-we-even-reading-this/’? Surely not very attractive or inviting! Now, how about this – ‘read-this.fun-thing’? Much more impressive and easy to share! This is exactly what a short URL generator does. They take a long ugly looking link and give you a shorter and sweeter link for that. And how do they do that? They simply create one redirect towards your link. And this redirect is where you can earn some easy money. The redirect page is where there is an ad and if someone clicks on the ad from your link, you get paid.

And which is the best short URL generator platform, you would ask? fc.lc! Yes, you heard it right; fc.lc is your one-stop platform for earning money and getting long boring links converted into short and sweet ones. The best thing about fc.lc is that they offer their service for free and then also pay you for availing their service. Also, they have a low minimum payout of only $5 and you can redeem your balance in the form of Bitcoins or even through your PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill accounts. They have great conversion rates and also offer a detailed analysis for knowing your audience.

About fc.lc:

fc.lc is your one-stop solution that works as a URL shortener earn money, both rolled into one.

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Original Reference: http://bit.ly/30LmwRy

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