Easy and Instant Small Cash Loan Online at Lowest Interest Rates

If you are experiencing an emergency cash crunch due to various reasons like job loss, sudden medical expenses, or heavy wedding expenses, etc. it is ideal to consider instant loan apps to meet urgent financial needs.

Applying for a small cash loan or instant personal loan online is quick and easy following the paperless documentation and simple eligibility criteria.

While seeking small cash loans online (cash app), you may come across several financial institutions and NBFCs that provide instant cash loans online at an affordable rate.

Generally, the interest rates for small cash loans are lower and affordable ranging from1% – 3% per month, including processing fees plus GST charges.  Some lenders also evaluate your CIBIL score before approving the small cash loan, based on your creditworthiness your interest may get higher or lower.

Role of CIBIL Score for Instant Loan Approval

Lenders consider CIBIL score to review the creditworthiness of the borrower approving the loan. A good CIBIL score will have an impact on the interest rate. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate will be. So, if you have a low credit score, work on improving with regular loan repayments.

How can you get an instant small cash loan online at a low interest rate?

Numerous financial institutions and NBFCs have developed instant personal loan apps for small cash loans, which are user–friendly loan apps that can be operated easily to get instant small cash online at lower interest rates. A personal loan app can be downloaded on your android phone from the Google Play Store to get a small cash loan easily and instantly. There are infinite loan apps available online, compare the interest rate to shortlist one that suits your repayment criteria.

Here are some easy and instant small cash loans online available at the lowest interest rates:

Instant loan apps  Interest rates  Loan amount
Rufilo 28% per annum Rs.25,000
Upwards 32% per annum Rs.20,000 – Rs.2,00,000
SimplyCash 25% per annum Rs.50,000 – Rs.1,50,000
PaySense 36% Per annum Rs.5,000 – Rs.500,000

How to apply for instant small cash loans online at a low interest rate?

Below mentioned are simple steps to apply for instant small cash loans online at low interest rates:

  • Install the small cash loan app from Google Play Store on your smartphone or visit the official website
  • Check your personal loan eligibility criteria on the loan eligibility calculator.
  • Register your mobile number and email id to register
  • Enter your required loan amount and tenure to derive an accurate EMI figure
  • Fill in your personal and financial details like your address, profession, income, and work experience.
  • Scan your photograph and upload it on the app
  • Tick the purpose of the loan
  • Your verification will get processed, and after the verification is complete, your loan will get approved and disbursed within minutes directly into your bank account.

SimplyCash Instant small cash loans online at a low interest rate 

SimplyCash, an instant personal loan app online powered by Hero FinCorp, is one of the best and user-friendly loan apps for instant small cash loans ranging from Rs.50,000 -1,50,000 at a low interest rate of 2.08% per month. SimplyCash offers a competitive interest rate if compared with other loan apps.

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