Easy Breakfast Ideas with Butter

After you wake up from a good night’s sleep, your stomach has effectively been empty for over 8 hours. Eating the first meal of the day essentially refreshes the stores of nutrients and energy in your body. Eating breakfast in the morning helps a great deal in improving your energy levels and prepares your body to keep its metabolic functions ready for the day. Therefore, breakfast is reasonably known as the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast foods prepared with healthy fats like healthy butter help you have a balanced diet. Breakfast snacks are high in vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients such as iron and calcium.

Following are a few breakfast ideas that you can prepare easily with some healthy butter:

  1. Breakfast sandwich– This is one of the most common breakfast ideas in most households. For this recipe, you will need a few potatoes which have been boiled and grated, a loaf of bread, vegetables of your choice, salt, and pepper for seasoning along with some healthy butter. For the stuffing of the sandwich, you will need to take the grated potatoes in a bowl and mix in some salt, pepper, butter, and vegetables of your choice. Now, take this stuffing and make sandwiches by putting it between two bread slices. You can also toast the bread slices with butter which will make your sandwich crispy and tasty.
  2. Breakfast salad– a salad mostly consists of leafy vegetables and thus serves as a healthy breakfast option. For this breakfast recipe, you will need some green cucumbers, green capsicum, spinach leaves, lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, crushed pepper, salt, and some healthy butter spreads. Firstly, you should clean and chop all the vegetables and keep them in a bowl. Now, to this bowl, you need to add salt and pepper for seasoning. You need to add butter spreads or even healthy mayonnaise if you wish. After adding everything, you need to mix all the ingredients properly and in the end, you will be left with a healthy as well as tasty breakfast salad.
  3. Stuffed breakfast Omelet– for this recipe, you will need to whisk a few eggs into a bowl. To this bowl, you need to add some salt, pepper, sliced onions, thinly chopped and sautéed potatoes, some mushrooms, and some Chilies. Now, you need to take a frying pan and heat a spoon of healthy butter spread. Once the butter heats up, you need to add the egg mix to the pan and fry it evenly on both sides. Once the Omelet is evenly cooked on both sides, you can serve your healthy breakfast snack.

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