Easy steps for scanning encrypted emails with AVG Email Protection

Note: The instructions given in the article is related to core AVG Internet Security products. Visit avg.com/retail and access your account to check for subscription details. Make sure that the product is updated.

AVG antivirus is providing highly advanced security features to secure device and data. Its intelligent email protection is making it easier and safer for everyone in staying protected against spam. One can lose all their sensitive details such as bank information with a single click. To protect from all these risks, AVG performs a thorough scan to email that is encrypted, and if it is detected to be unsafe to go through, the mail will be blocked automatically. However, to unlock this feature of scanning encrypted emails, you are required to have a subscription to AVG antivirus.

If you already have the access to the purchased version of AVG antivirus, but you are facing errors with the scanning process of encrypted emails, you can fix the problem by following the directions mentioned below. You can also visit http://avg.com/retail to reach AVG customer support for assistance.

 How to configure AVG Email Protection settings?

  1. Launch the AVG program and click ‘Option’ from the menu
  2. In the section, go to Advanced settings
  3. On the left side of the window, click Email Protection to expand the page
  4. Next, select Email Scanner > Servers
  5. Depending on your email settings, choose POP3 or IMAP and press Add new server option
  6. Type the name of the new server and press OK button
  7. Now, do the necessary changes to the setting as mentioned:
  • Login category: Choose ‘fixed host’ and type the details of your IMAP/ POP3 server for example- pop3.domainname.com for a POP3 server and imap.domainname.com for an IMAP server
  • Set the Local port to 5300
  • Connection- Select either Secure to regular port or Secure to dedicated port depending on the configuration of your network
  • Choose the option of “Activate this server and use it for sending/receiving emails”
  1. After you are prompted to the next step, on the left side of the page, find the option of Email Protection and then go  to Email Scanner
  2. Select Servers and click SMPT
  3. Click to Add new server

The settings of your AVG email protection is completed now and is set to communicate with the email server you are using to for SSL encryption. In the next step, you need the configuration of your email client so you can connect yourself AVG email protection and not to the actual email server. If you find complexity in the configuration of setting, do the following:


  • Check the server and if it is not set to – then make the change
  • Port should be set to 5300
  • Enter your Username and password
  • Set Encryption to None (SSL Disabled)
  • SMTP:
  • Change server settings to:
  • Port: 5400
  • Do not change Authentication settings
  • Type in your Username and password if required
  • Set Encryption to None (SSL Disabled)

If the error still persists, go to www.avg.com/retail and check for your product details and ensure that you have not exceeded the subscription date and connect to AVG Customer Support.

Source: http://avg-retail.us/steps-for-scanning-encrypted-emails-with-email-protection/

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