Easy Steps to Sync QuickBooks Files between two Computers

You must select the appropriate installation choices on both systems before moving on to the other procedures to synchronize your QuickBooks files. Additionally, you must confirm that the two computers connected to the network are in sync. This brief blog will help you with the procedure to easily sync QuickBooks files between two computers.


Procedure for Syncing QuickBooks Files across two computers

  • To begin, you must download Data Transfer Utility from Intuit’s official website.
  • Install the application now on the PC hosting your company files.
  • After copying the Company file from the primary computer to the secondary computer, launch QuickBooks on the primary computer.
  • Next, pick File on the backup computer and then click on the Company File.
  • Choose the Open Source Company option from the Export Data from Source company menu in the Data Utility Transfer.
  • Choose Yes to grant access even when QuickBooks is not active.
  • After selecting the option to provide the utility access to your personal data, click Continue.
  • Select Close from the data transfer utility.
  • From the QuickBooks home page, select File and then the Close Company option.
  • Close-CompanyNavigate to File> Open or Restore Company after that.


  • Choose Open Destination Company of Disk Transfer Utility from the Import Data into Destination Company menu.
  • Next, choose the option to always give access even when QuickBooks is not running, and then grant the program access to your personal information.
  • To continue, click.
  • Click Close for the linked devices.
  • Choose the Data Transfer Utility’s Change button after choosing the Data Type.
  • Select the Import Data option under Import the data in Data Transfer Utility.
  • Pick a desirable import option for the data.


Sharing a QuickBooks software version between two computers

  • Once QuickBooks is open, pick the File tab.
  • The utility option should now be chosen. Within utilities, pick the multi-user mode option.
  • You must finish the process by following the steps outlined below after turning on the host.
  • First visit the server computer, after which you must find the database in that system.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the database server manager.
  • After that, save the files. Either a folder will be provided by default or you can search for one.
  • After that, choose Start Scan, and wait for the scan to be finished.
  • After everything is finished, you must run QuickBooks in multi-user mode on a different system.


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With that, we conclude this brief blog hoping that the information contained in it helped you sync QuickBooks files between two computers. Technical intricacies in the form of error codes are common in QuickBooks. If you too are bothered by such issues, feel free to contact us at the helpline 1 800 761 1787. We will make every effort to get all your QuickBooks-related issues sorted.

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