eBay like app : Get the best app for ascending to the top in online business

Online ecommerce marketplaces have come a long way since the launch of eBay. Mobile ecommerce has taken over the internet and ecommerce by storm, to no one’s surprise. Apps like eBay are today’s rulers in the mobile ecommerce marketplace. The developers at Appdupe have studied the reasons behind its massive success to build an ecommerce app like eBay, taking all its winning features into account and innovating further to create an eBay clone app that puts its rivals out of the game. 

ebay clone

Why you should use an eBay clone for your business

Almost 70% of smartphone users have made a purchase using their mobile phones in the last six months. Over 80% of users used a smartphone to look up reviews about a product inside stores they were shopping from. Ignoring the mobile app trend means missing out on the majority of potential customers. Building a robust app for your business means earning loyal customers and providing them with a positive experience.

Features of the eBay clone app:

The eBay clone app uses stunning features to pull in customers and captivate users to use it more. Here are some of the features that make the app look better than its competition:


  • Compare products


Users can compare products simultaneously without going back and forth on the screen to make a better decision on a purchase.


  • Multiple payment methods


With multiple payment integration, users can pay with their go-to choice instead of trying to fit themselves into limited options


  • Faster registration and login


The process of signing in and registering got easier with social media integration and SMS OTP based logins. 


  • Order tracking 

Customers can see the exact status of their product through this feature. Right from dispatch to delivery.


  • Powerful admin dashboard

The app has over a few dozen features to help the admin study the reports and statistics and make changes accordingly. 

The eBay clone app is bound to set you a class apart from the rest of your competitors. More features can be added as per your request to make your app truly the best in class. With infinite customization and the apps’ robust build quality, the ecommerce market is yours to take with this eBay clone script from Appdupe.

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