Eco-friendly office design trends to embrace in 2023

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a business owner looking to make your work space more environmentally friendly and sustainable. These days, everyone wants to do their part to save the planet, therefore for many people, this is the top priority.

Trust us when we say that it doesn’t have to be difficult at all, even though it probably seems a little difficult. Continue reading to see four eco-friendly office design suggestions that you ought to think about. Here are some of the top suggestions for environmentally friendly workplaces that will be popular in 2023.


Using bio-based design materials

Buildings have the potential to become carbon sinks rather than carbon generators, from the homes we live in into the workplaces we frequent.

However, the built environment sector must go beyond operational effectiveness and concentrate on decarbonizing the materials used in its construction and fit-out processes if global warming is to be kept to 1.5C over pre-industrial levels.

Utilizing bio-based materials in manufacturing, such as wood, straw, and bamboo is one technique to lower the amount of embodied carbon. Typically requiring less energy, bio-based goods can collect and store carbon through photosynthesis.

Bio-based construction materials are becoming more widely used by businesses, making them one of the most important new design trends for 2022.

Here are some possibilities for green building materials:

  • recycled steel cob
  • Lamb’s wool
  • Sustainable, recycled, or reclaimed wood
  • Cork
  • Straw
  • Bamboo
  • repurposed plastic
  • Brick made of mycelium, etc…

Bring nature indoors

Another great method to turn a regular office into an eco-friendly one is to bring the outside in. The first step in making it happen is to decorate the office space with various potted plants. These will aid in the success of your employees’ relaxation and well-being in addition to enhancing the quality of the indoor air.

In addition, you may put up a lovely green wall within your office. It will make a very powerful visual statement and provide your staff with the chance to enjoy the advantages of plants.


Have organic lunch while at work

It would be great to install a mini fridge in your office just to keep some ingredients fresh. This way you can always have fresh salad and tasty snacks that are also healthy for you. Sometimes we buy lunch on the go and those things are not so healthy. If you can have some lettuce, tomato, or cucumber saved in your mini fridge, that would help your healthy diet at work a lot.

In 2023, hydroponic farming will be more popular. introducing a cutting-edge, economical, space-efficient farming method to promote more independent and healthier living. Check if you would like to engage in that and have organic food at hand reach.


Opt for energy saving design

We must say that when it comes to environmentally friendly office design, energy efficiency should come first. This indicates that you should try to use as little energy and waste as you can. The first thing you should think about is illumination. Because electric lighting frequently accounts for the greatest portion of total energy consumption, energy-saving light bulbs should take the place of traditional ones.

Plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating systems should all be properly maintained. When it comes to lighting, whenever possible, you should choose natural sources of light. Installing as many windows as you can helps you get as much sunlight as possible. Large windows that extend to the ceiling are always a good idea.


Enhanced focus on space utilization

Office space is becoming a more scarce resource, therefore renovation trends typically focus on how to make the most of the area you do have to do more. Space utilization examines your current facilities and layouts to ascertain what may be positioned more strategically and efficiently. It entails assessing if certain places are being utilized to their fullest extent and how your staff is interacting with them.

This could be accomplished with workspace consulting, a common option for many undertaking workplace renovation projects who seek to customize the project to match certain requirements or business-driven goals.


Make recycling easier

Sustainable practices are fundamental to eco-friendly workplaces. It indicates that any business or corporation should prioritize recycling, thus adding recycling facilities in your workplace. The only way to enable your staff to ethically recycle is by doing this. If you want your staff to correctly recycle waste, avoid skipping the use of color-coded bins because they are an excellent way to make that happen.

You should include dedicated bins for recycling plastic and aluminium in addition to containers for paper, food trash, and glass. This means that you should push your team to recycle everything, including printer cartridges, aluminium cans, light bulbs, and batteries.

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