How to Know If I Need Higher Dose of ED medication?

Erectile Dysfunction is also named as Impotence. It can be described as a male’s inability to have sex in a satisfactory manner. Usually, the main symptom is not being able to have an erection. Or having a penile erection that is very soft or not being able to sustain in a position for more than a few minutes.

The doctors of the field come up with many medicines and ways of treatment. that might help the men with a better penile erection and stability in the position.

What Are the Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction?



Impotence in men can be caused due to several reasons. Some of those are sedentary workstyle, too much consumption of alcohol or regular smoking.

Intaking certain Generic ED Drugs can also be useful to the reproductive organs. It might make a person impotent. If a person has gone through major treatments or operations, such as chemotherapy or any surgery near the penis, the inability to have an erection could be a common result.

How is Erectile Dysfunction Serious Health Concern?

The harms of the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be seen during the sexual periods. When the man doesn’t have an erection, he is unable to perform in the bed and that makes him and his partner’s desire unsatisfied.

If the problem continues for a longer period of time, it can cause the marriage of the sufferer to break. Later, it might be the cause of depression, frustration, anger or any other mental health issues in men. In some cases, the men have developed a feeling of self-loathing due to the impotence.

What are the Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many medicines and ways with which one can get a proper and satisfactory erection during the period of sexual intercourse.

This also helps in satisfying the person and his partner on bed. The men who have little or no desire of making sexual relations could also be benefitted with the consumption of Viagra.

Viagra 50 mg, Cialis 20 mg, and Generic Levitra 60mg tablets are some of the oral pills that are available in the market and are aimed at correcting the erectile dysfunction. When consumed just before the sexual sessions, they help in making the penis erect and also makes it stiff and enduring for hours.

It accelerates the hormones and also speeds up the flow of blood in the penis that instantly helps in getting an erection.

How Can I Decide the Dose of ED Medication?

ED Pills

The medicines for ED are available in the market and stay in high demand. But the dosages of these medicines vary according to the extent of the problem.

Consulting a doctor of the respective field is the right way to choose the perfect dosage. But, some people take medicines without a prescription. They start with the lowest degree of dosage.

If it doesn’t help in improving the conditions, they get a higher dose of medicine. The process goes on until they find the most suitable one.


After reading the information explained above, it can be understood that Erectile Dysfunction is a serious complication in men. It must be treated with the right and most effective dosage of medicines.

But, if a person is uncertain about which dosage will be the most suitable as per the extent of the conditions, he must go for the doctor’s consultation.

The people who are shy about opening up about the conditions might not prefer to talk about the problem with a doctor. He can order the medicines from an online pharmacist, but the dosage must be kept least.

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