Effective Ways To Improve Security With Commercial Door Hardware

We live in a time where security is more important than ever. The last thing you want to do is leave your loved ones vulnerable, so today we’re going to be talking about commercial door locks and how you can use them to reinforce the security of your place.

We’ll discuss some different types of solutions you should consider looking at, as well as what commercial door hardware actually does for your safety and security. Hopefully this will help answer any questions or doubts that may have popped into your head after reading the title!

Commercial Door Locks

We’re also here with our handy guide on how to buy commercial door hardware quickly so that anyone shouldn’t have too much trouble navigating the process.

Now, let’s begin!

What Is Commercial Door Hardware?

Commercial door hardware, also known as a strike plate, is a tool used for doors. In many cases, it’s placed on the jamb of a door to prevent people from opening the door by pushing on the lock bolt.

In this way, they can continue to push on the lock bolt without the door budging. This method is most commonly used in businesses that need to restrict access to certain areas or rooms that house sensitive materials or data. It is most commonly found in banks and other places where large amounts of money are being stored at any one time.

Additionally, commercial door hardware can prevent people from kicking in the door and breaking in. This is a common occurrence and one that we must combat as we continue to grow as a society.

Commercial door hardware can also be used to simply stop people from forcing the lock bolt open, which is helpful for us when we have keyless entry systems installed. When done properly, commercial door hardware will prevent anyone from opening the lock bolt without proper identification/authorization to do so.

How Does It Work?

First, let’s take a look at how commercial door hardware can keep you safe! As previously mentioned, commercial door hardware is placed on the jamb of a door. This is done by screwing it in place or using adhesive to put the plates on the side of the door. This positioning is important because it allows people to push against the plates when they are locked. By doing this, they can prevent themselves from opening the door normally if they try to force themselves inside without authorization.

In addition to this, commercial door hardware can be installed as a lock template as well. These are commonly used to prevent children from being able to open doors and access areas they shouldn’t by putting it on doors that have a child safety lock – these include hospital doors, schools, and many others. This way, if the door is left unlocked by accident for a few moments, a child can’t open it without getting hurt.

However, the purpose of this is more often than not found in business settings where people want to make sure that only authorized people can enter or exit certain areas at any given time.

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