EFT Items for Sale territory

Further north from the Ruined House point is the Svetliy Dead End. It’s in the easternmost piece of the town in the east. As a scav, AI scavs won’t be threatening. That is except if you shoot another scav player on display. Be careful about different characters in the EFT Items for Sale territory.

Destroyed Road is a little toward the north of the PMC’s Tunnel extraction point. It runs off the street that prompts the PMC point. In accordance with that, being in the general region of that specific leave, it’s close to the Scav Island also. There’s likewise a shelter close by, however it’s up to you on the off chance that you need to look at it or not.

The Lighthouse is on the wharf on the north side of the guide. It’s previous where the dock pontoon would be hanging tight for PMCs, and there’s a wooden container close by. On the off chance that you arrived flawless, it would be a smart thought to feel free to add anything that’s in there to www.lolga.com your assortment.

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