EICR Report — A Brief Overview on Preparing for an EICR Report

Are you planning to obtain an EICR report soon? Before calling an electrician, it’s best to prepare yourself and your property for the inspection. Here are some of the most important things to know when preparing for your EICR report:

The legal requirements for Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs)
Why do you need an EICR in the first place? Because it is a legal requirement. Landlords are responsible for ensuring that their property’s electrical installations are safe for usage.

All landlords must have an Electrical Installation Condition Report in their possession, providing their tenants, property agents, or the local authorities with a copy when requested. Failure to meet this requirement may result in hefty fines and possible prison sentences.

When do you need an EICR?

Inspection and testing must be conducted periodically, depending on the type of your property.

Commercial and rented domestic installations must be tested every five years, while private domestic installations every ten years. On the other hand, industrial installations must be checked more frequently, or at least every three years.

An EICR must also be carried out whenever there is a change of occupancy, even if it doesn’t meet the maximum period between inspections.

Your checklist on the day of your EICR

How do you prepare your property for an EICR report? Some electricians may ask you to do the following before they conduct an inspection:

• Unplug all electrical equipment in your property
• Make sure your area is clean and free of obstruction to allow the electrician to access your plugs
• Inform your electrician if any ladders are needed to access the consumer unit or fuse board
• Inform your electrician of any broken fixtures and fittings
• Label your consumer unit correctly
• Provide any previous Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Checking your EICR report

Is your final EICR complete? Make sure it contains the following information:

• If your electrical circuits are in good working condition
• If there is any risk of electrical shock
• If you have any defective electrical work installed
• Your electrician’s recommendations for earthing within the property
• Your consumer unit’s current condition

It’s essential that you contact a qualified electrician to conduct inspection and testing of your property. Once you’ve found someone with the proper license and qualifications, make sure to complete the checklist above to complete your EICR report immediately.

About the Author:

I am James Livingstone the owner of Trade Facilities Services, we provide electrical certificates and electrical testing in London, Essex and Kent at reasonable and fair prices. The company is fully insured, and all electricians are qualified and are members of either NAPIT or the NICEIC. We believe in publishing the correct information for our consumers to ensure they get value for money.



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