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New York Giants take over the ankle fracture in Beckham competition

New York Giants have encountered the worst situation.

In the team 22-27, wholesale Miami Dolphins jerseys free shipping the team takes behind the head of the team’s top, Odell Beckham Jr. ankle fracture. According to informed people, he also led to the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination to determine if there is ligament damage.

This injury may make Beckham to be placed in the injury reserve, although he can be activated wholesale nfl jerseys from china the injury list after 8 weeks, but considering the severity of his injury and the current giant’s record, very It is possible that he will not appear again this season.

Before the injury of Beckham, the other 3 giants take over Brand Marshall, Dwayne Harris and Sterling Shepard are also due to different injuries. The illness leaves in advance.

This is a bad reality cheap jerseys for sale cheap jerseys for sale a giant that has already recorded a bad record: Beckham is the core of the giant offensive group. He is the only player in the team with speed to reduce the pressure of eli manning, MANING. He is the only one in the team to defeat the opponents and even the three-person clippers. In this competition, he completed a 48-yard ball to reach, and he used a fake action before the ball scored the opponent defensive player.

After Bakeham seriously injured, the giants who have not yet tasted their only stable offensive weapons. In front of the hard schedule, the giant needs to continue the season in the absence of a number one offensive player.

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