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External hand Fitzgerad: The rhythmic rhythm of the red scitch new offensive system is faster

Beijing July 15th, outside the Arizona Red Spits offensive group, how to express many speculations in Kliff Kingsbury, and the complete answer of this problem until September new season It will not be announced.

Nike Patriots #3 Stephen Gostkowski White Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyKingsbury’s tactical style in the university era shows that he likes a fast-paced attack, and Cheap Jerseys this looks also is one of his characteristics of his NFL tactics. External hand-drawn-Fitzgerald, said that the rhythm of the Music Syberi is a matter of this year’s officers to adapt, and it is also necessary to do full effort to operate.

Xiu 4th 卫 凯勒 – Murre Murray also played a ball in a similar offensive system to help. Fitzgerald has said Murray has a profound mastery of offensive tactics, and ensuring that everyone is unanimously important for this summer’s flush training.

Granham does not agree with the punishment of the rule: I have not pushed people

In the new Orleans Saints and 49 people in the San Francisco, the last moment of regular time, Jimmy Graham has completed the killing of Wanfu Mary. However, the referee has throws out the yellow flag before he caught the ball, and it is determined that Glaham interference is fouled. He has pushed the opponent’s corner of Perrish Cox before the ball. In the end, the Saint regrets the ball in the overtime.

This ban is not unexpected, the packaging workers and teams have not explicitly express them. Last season, Gu Yion’s performance was surprising, contributing to 3.5 times, becoming a team’s rotation player. At present, the left side of the packaging workfield is in trouble. In addition to the anion, the first round of new Xiudong – Jones is also banned for the same reason.

But the progress on Tuesday is an important step in this once famous outer junction. Cruz said: “I feel very good.” Cruz promised that his “plan was fully resumed when the training camp started on July 28th.” “He called this week” turning point. “

This old took the outside hand, was seen alone, run training and ball training, but then he was in the team. This actually marks the first truly training since Kruz since last summer. He has lacking 26 games due to knee injury and calf injuries.

“Different from the previous differences are the new tactics he joined. The difference is the way to run off-attack groups, the rhythm of attack,” Fitzgerad said. “Every day, as we have more experience, our offensive group runs faster and faster and faster, we can do more attack more effectively. If you understand the tactical thoughts, we can Applying more pressure to the defensive group. Tactical language is simpler, but you have to understand faster. In this system, you don’t have a lot of time after getting the right. You have to understand and have a very fast speed. Play out. “

Packaging workers defensive cututs Ancient Yival will be banned 3 games

Green Bay Packaging Certain Defensive Dragonfly Letrio Guion will absent 3 weeks before the regular season. On Thursday, the League announced that the ancient Implications will be suspended in three premises. The 28-year-old defensive cutout was arrested in February this year because of marijuana.

It turns out that although Cox’s falling movement is slightly exaggerated, this penalty is undoubtedly a good agreement, convincing. But as one of the parties, Glaham is obviously unrecognizable: “This is by no means a pursuit of foul. I repeatedly told myself when running: & lsquo; no matter what happens, don’t push people. & Rsquo; I finally just With 2 fingers, the other party is slightly contacted, and the referee can’t make me foul. “Granham emphasized the judgment of the referee is too strict. He believes that such an action has not been given in NFL Punishment penalty. In the end, Glaham ridiculous: “This is the reason I don’t play basketball.”

Tampa Bay Pirates Quartz Weijamis – Winson shoulders again injured

According to the team coach Dirk Koetter, Dirk Koetter revealed that Tampawan pirates quartz Wei Jueis Winston actually on the shoulders of the array of Faro Bill I was injured again.

“(Jemish) is doing better, he is very good, especially in the next half of the Bill,” said. “We did to kill the ball in the first half, and his shoulders were injured again, this is why he did not conduct passed training on Wednesday and Thursday.”

Since October 12, 2014, Cruz has not played a game. If he can keep a healthy, the giant can create an excellent external handle, except for Kruz, there are also professional bowls, Odell Beckham and two-wheeled show, Sterling-Shepad Steling shepard. But there is no guarantee for Cruz.

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