Elan Church In Naperville, IL

A nondenominational church in Naperville that will help you encounter Jesus, uncover community, learn objective, and transform the world. Get extra information about Churches in Naperville

Have you located your location, your objective, your men and women?

A Naperville church community where you could:

Encounter Jesus

Grow inside your faith

Create life-giving friendships

Uncover God’s purpose for the life

Steward the gifts and talents God has offered you

Transform Naperville, IL and beyond

The best way to Get Involved

1. RSVP For Sunday’s In-Person Church Service in Naperville

If you’re hunting for a Naperville church, RSVP now for the next in-person worship gathering (this Sunday at 11am CST in Naperville, IL) by clicking the button under and signing up.

2. Attend The Naperville Church Sunday Service

Attend the in-person team gathering at 11am on Sunday and meet other remarkable men and women, like you! Even though Elan Church is not the best fit, we’ll introduce you to one on the other wonderful Naperville Churches.

3. Transform Naperville and Beyond

Come to be a part of a Naperville church that can help you develop in your relationship with Jesus, construct life-giving friendships, and positively impact the folks around you!

Just about every single individual was made to live a fulfilling life, but it’s not constantly that uncomplicated.

As pastors, our passion will be to help you worship Jesus and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. We’ve got noticed God move powerfully in quite a few people’s lives and believe He can in yours as well. That is the cause why we began Elan Church (a nondenominational church in Naperville, IL).

Click the ‘RSVP FOR THIS SUNDAY’ button anyplace on this web page to obtain all of the specifics you will need for this Sunday’s In-Person Naperville Church Service. You are able to also check out our online or YouTube Church service.

We’d love to help you become part of a Naperville church where you could encounter Jesus, discover neighborhood, find out goal, and transform the world.

– Max and Juliet Lyons – Lead Pastors (Elan Church)

What Are you currently Waiting For?

When an individual is a part of a healthier church, they thrive in each and every region of life. For anyone who is hunting for a church in Naperville, RSVP for the subsequent in-person gathering this Sunday. Even though Elan Church is not ideal for you personally, we are going to introduce you to one of your other awesome churches in Naperville, IL (so many on the other Christian churches in Naperville have been so supportive, welcoming, and generous to Elan Church). We’re extremely grateful to become part of what God is carrying out in this location and to work alongside the numerous other Naperville churches. If you’ve been searching around to get a Naperville church, and haven’t discovered the ideal fit but, RSVP for Elan Church in Naperville this Sunday.

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