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Eld Mandate one of the greatest innovations of this generation has made the task even more easier and enjoyable than before. Job holders as well as customers find it very compatible to handle with. Marvelous data manifestation with host of eminent features makes the real time HOS tracking equipment awesome. These days FMCSA recognition became mandatory for the HOS trackers. Drivers are informed much earlier about any update or any type of mishaps so that service providers can run their job uninterruptedly. Less dilemma and increased perfection persuades a large number of companies to opt for it. Relevant data storage, making the drivers alert of sudden apprises or mishappenings, taking instant action and solving payment related issues are some of the outstanding features that Eld machines possess.

Moreover, easy process of installation creates a history in the revolution of trucking service industries. Long distances with the location tracker along with simple direction revealing procedure aids the drivers to easily identify the destination in real time without harassment. Previously it has been observed that trucking industries are facing regular challenges be it from customers or drivers or anything else. But now situation has been changed. The companies are updated well in advance about the rest hours or the working hours of the delivery persons. By opting this everyone is linked with one another from every corner of the earth- be it customers, drivers or the backend officers.


Over 75 years of combined experience in the fields of eminent creation and successful implementation of business practices and accreditations for the shipping industry, investment industry and other such diligences makes the managements one of the most compatible among some of the famous traders in the world. Clients who operate our software enjoy user friendly software. Eld Mandate is nowadays a responsible, amenable and consistent company that goes on serving the trucking business without an interruption. Since the inbuilt software remains as cloud based –the operators can subsequently access it from wherever in the domain with an offered user name and safe password. IFTA reportage makes it tranquil, stress-free and simple. Systems are entirely constructed based on consumer friendly methods to make the preeminent stuffs and procedures presented to everyone at an inexpensive amount. Efficient and less time-consuming device therefore proves to be the best electronic logging truck portal throughout the globe.


The substantial cost to this technological programmer counts up to an affordable range. Companies find it very compatible with the present day growth by spending a minimal amount of money.it has been noticed that the hardware cost along with the monthly fee, amounts to only a little value of money compared to those others in the market.


  • Hours of Service computerization
  • Extensive Solutions for Back-end Officers
  • Easy Elogin Appearances

Cooler, keener and more result-driven technology thus created a history in the present day automobile business world.

Thus being an exclusive Web-based means of transportation supervision solution, Eld Mandate proves itself to be the finest option for this trade world.

The procedure of tracking the job hours and noting the service status of vehicle drivers has got much transparent than always only with the execution of electronic log book or ELD devices.

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