Electric Pool Heater: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

What can be more relaxing than a dip in a heated pool? But purchasing a heat pump is no small thing, it is a considerable investment and so you need to do a lot of research before taking a call.

Here, is your comprehensive electric pool heater buying guide that will help you make the right choice:

How does an electric pool heater work?

As the name suggests, electric pool heat pumps use electricity to heat the pool. Compared to other sources such as propane or natural gas or solar energy, electric pool heaters offer fast and consistent heating. Like air aconditioners, which transfer warm indoor heat to the outside, the heat pump transfers warm outdoor air to the water. Electric pool heaters comprise a compressor, refrigerant and heat exchanger.

Madimack, a leading supplier of pool heating solutions in Australia brings you electric pool heat pumps with an eco-friendly R32 refrigerant that does not emit any greenhouse gas. When you buy a Madimack pool heat pump you gain comfort without causing harm to the environment.

How to install an electric pool heater?

Generally, the electric pool heaters are installed in the pool machine room. The heated water should be channelized directly into the pool to prevent heat loss.

Madimack’s heat pumps are designed using anti-corrosion ABC casing, hence you don’t need any sheltered and dedicated space to place your heat pump. Madimack’s pool heater offers you extended services whether placed indoors or outdoors.

Are electric pool heaters compatible with all types of pools?

Sometimes the electric pool heater you are buying might not be compatible with your pool or might require some additional elements such as a circuit breaker for proper heating.

However, this is not an issue, if you are buying a heat pump with Madimack. Madimack’s pool heat pumps are ideal for every type of residential pool. So, no matter whether you have an in-ground pool, backyard pool, above-ground pool or recreational family pool, you can enjoy optimal pool temperature without installing any additional element.

What are the features to check while purchasing an electric pool heater?

When you research to find the right electric pool heater for your home, consider the following features:

  • Energy-Efficiency:

Nobody wants a hot water swim at the cost of whopping electricity bills. Purchasing a pool heat pump unit with a high Coefficient of Performance ensures maximum efficiency and low energy consumption.

Madimack’s Eclipse Pool Heat Pump is extremely energy efficient with an average C.O.P of 10, which means the comfort of a hot water bath along with savings on utility bills. In addition to this, Madimack’s pool heaters are designed using full-inverter technology which ensures 50% more heating than on/off heat pumps and 25% more heating than standard heat pumps.

  • Quality and Reliability:

A pool heat pump is a considerable investment, and each one of us would like to go for a device that offers services for an extended period. But, is this possible? Yes, it is. If you are trusting Madimack as your pool heat pump partner then you will get pool heating solutions that are built to last.

Madimack’s heat pumps are TüV Rheinland tested which means with Madimack you get heat pumps that are not only superior in quality but also the safest in operation. In addition to this, Madimack offers four years of extended warranty with Elite pool heat pump unit and two years of extended warranty with Summer Eco pool heaters – great value for money!

Apart from this, it is also important to consider the dimensions and power supply before purchasing a pool heat pump unit. We hope this article helped you in making the right decision while purchasing a pool heat pump. If you have further queries about the price, energy consumption, right size for your facility or more, get in touch with pool heating experts at Madimack: https://www.madimack.com.au/

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