Elements of the car that you should always check:

If you already have your car or planning to get a new one, there are certain elements that you should know to avoid unpleasant surprises. There are four simple elements that we should always have ready

Liquids, at the right level:

Of vital importance, especially if the car “sleeps” on the street. It is necessary to check that the oil levels are correct. Not to make the cylinders work more than the count, antifreeze to keep the engine in optimal conditions, windshield wiper fluid to improve visibility- and brake fluid to avoid excessive pressure in braking.

If the latter is what is indicated, do not just fill it out and take it to the Best Auto Repair Shop in Orange County, CA because it may be due to a leak or worn out pills.

Lights at bay:

Always check that all the lights of the car work correctly, especially those of brake, position, crossing, long and anti-fog. If you notice any malfunction, go to your Best Mechanics Shop in La Habra, CA and change it. You have to see and be seen.

Seat belt, always in good condition:

Regularly check the anchors and check not only that the belt fits correctly but that it works perfectly and once lose it returns to its collected position. Do not forget to change it before any breakage or tearing and also, of course, if you had to act in a strong accident.

Tire pressure, check periodically:

It is advisable to monitor the pressure every 15 days. To know the pressure that the car must carry with or without a load, it is best to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which you will find on a sticker inside the vehicle, either on the tank cover or on the side of the doors.

Also, check that there is no damage to the rubber and that the depth of the drawing is at least 1.6 mm, although it is advised never to fall below 2mm. It is basic for your safety and also saves you fuel.

This way, a basic rule when buying a car should be scrupulously respecting all the checks and maintenance that the manufacturer marks periodically.

You should consult the Top Auto Repair Center in La Habra, CA, it will only take us a few minutes and, in return, will prevent possible scares.


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