Elongated Eyelashes: An Exquisite


Our eyelids are adorned with fine hair that frames our eyes. Yes! We are discussing eyelashes. They fulfill purposes beyond your comprehension.


Eyelashes provide protection for the eyes. It protects the eyes from grit, grime, and moisture. Their curved shape and placement allow them to deflect objects away from the eyes.


Additionally, they can behave similarly to Cat Whiskers. Fragile eyelashes can detect danger if something approaches your face or eyes too closely. These dangers may include airborne particles or tiny insects. Your eyelashes signal to your eyelids when to close in order to protect your eyes.


Not only do they provide protection, but they also improve your appearance. Your eyelashes can drastically change your appearance. 


How to Grow Eyelashes?

Have you ever desired longer, thicker lashes? I’m sure you did because they make your eyes appear more appealing. There are several choices for enlarging, thickening and filling them.


Several online pharmacies supply Careprost and other similar serums. Careprost is an eyelash serum that promotes the growth of eyelashes and helps you achieve your ideal eyelashes.


Alternatively, one can use eyelash extensions to enhance the Lashes. It lengthens, thickens, and darkens them. The latest fad is generating considerable curiosity.


Eyelash extensions are a terrific technique to create the perfect lashes and a youthful eye appearance, but they are not without drawbacks! The disadvantages of eyelash extensions outweigh their potential benefits.


On the contrary, you can have the long, thick, and dark eyelashes of your dreams using Careprost or another Bimatoprost-based serum.


How Safe Are Eyelash Extensions?


Instead of depending on medical methods such as Careprost serums to grow eyelashes, consumers are blindly adopting eyelash extensions.


As dangers connected with eyelash extensions, the American Academy of Ophthalmology includes infection or swelling of the eyelid, irritation of the cornea, and temporary eyelash loss. Numerous other disadvantages are there, which are not uncommon:


Possibility of Inflammation and Infection

In the absence of basic hygiene and application standards, irritation and infection are conceivable. Before applying for eyelash extensions, the majority of lash experts should do a glue’ patch test’ in which mink lashes have adhered to the client’s natural lashes.


A patch test will determine if you are allergic to the glue used. Even without an allergy, the compounds in glue may occasionally irritate the eyelid.


The region around your eyes and eyelids is incredibly delicate. Consequently, the weight of the glue can also cause irritation by pulling on the eyelash hairs.


Midshaft Breakage

Your eyelashes extend from the base. As the natural lash grows, the weight of the extension may strain the natural lash. The natural lash cannot support the weight of the extension, resulting in a break in the middle of the shaft. It will shorten your eyelashes.

In this case, you can use Careprost lash serum to regrow your eyelashes to their regular length.


Destroys Natural Lashes

Even if an experienced lash artist applies for your lash extensions, there is a chance that they will harm your natural lashes.



A nailhead is when eyelash extension clings to the skin surface. This is a potential threat to one’s eyes. A perfectly affixed extension is carefully glued to a natural lash, and the adhesive should never touch the skin.


It is dreadful because when natural lashes will grow and remove the adhesive from the skin. It will injure new baby lashes as they will be ripped out along the glue.

Also, because the hair follicle is obstructed, it is hard for new lashes to grow. The skin can potentially suffer eyelid dermatitis from a nailhead, leading to irritation and edema.


Premature Loss of Natural Eyelashes

People frequently desire the ‘Kim Kardashian’ appearance, but it is not for everyone. When extensions are too long and thick for natural lashes to retain, natural lashes may fall out prematurely. It will cause them to get thinner over time.


Is It Possible To Regain Eyelashes Naturally?


Your eyelashes will regrow naturally, like any other body hair. The usual growth rate of natural eyelashes is roughly 0.5 millimeters each month. However, some may grow faster or slower, depending on the circumstances.


Between 6 and 8 weeks will pass before your eyelashes recover to their normal state. However, restoring natural eyelashes’ growth is difficult if the damage exceeds an acceptable threshold.


Using lash growth serums such as Careprost helps accelerate the regrowth of damaged eyelashes. Careprost is renowned for being a faster-acting lash serum that promotes recovery.


Additionally, some no-smudge makeup removers and conditioners will help nourish your lashes following lash extensions. These medications will accelerate eyelash development naturally.



Eyelash extensions are, without a doubt, an excellent technique to enhance your eyelashes. However, the eyes are the most gentle organ in the human body and should be treated with the utmost care. With the eyes, there is no room for experimentation.


Additionally, it is not the only item that can improve the appearance of eyelashes. Alternately, use serums such as Careprost, which help you achieve beautiful lashes naturally.


You can also use false eyelashes, which give you a look you want, but only for a short time.


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