Email Encryption

RMail specializes in security and compliance with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof-of-privacy compliance, and certified e-delivery services.
RMail® email encryption makes it easy to encrypt sensitive email and attachments for security or regulatory compliance. RMail automatically delivers encrypted email with the simplest user experience for each recipient and provides manual or automated options for delivery using different levels of encryption or different recipient experiences.

RMail email encryption also includes a one-click, bi-directional encrypted reply option for recipients and returns a Registered Receipt™ email record to the sender, serving as auditable proof of data privacy compliance (i.e. HIPAA, GDPR) on a message-by-message basis.

RMail email encryption goes far beyond basic TLS and link-retrieval systems.


RMail automatically detects the best method of delivery to each recipient to dynamically provide each recipient the simplest user experience without need to register or click links to retrieve a email message.
RMail includes predictive technologies to automatically encrypt email messages based on message content or structure.
RMail adapts the email message transmission method based on email message size, for email messages over a pre-determined threshold.
Most users default to RMail dynamic email encryption where the email message is first attempted to be sent using secure Transmission Encryption, and if the level of security available is not adequate (minimums set by sender), the transmission dynamically reverts to secondary Message Level Encryption.

Outbox-to-Inbox Protection:
RMail includes options, on a message-by-message basis, or based on content policy automation, to force Message Level Encryption (AES 256-bit encrypted PDF) from the sender’s Outbox to and inside the recipient’s Inbox. There are a variety of settings and password delivery options.

Encrypted Reply:
Each sent email message includes a one-click option for the recipient to reply and upload up to 200 MB of attachments per reply, so they return to the sender using the same email encryption method as the original sent email message.

Auditable Proof of Privacy Compliance:
RMail encrypted email returns a Registered Receipt™ email record that serves as an audit-ready forensic proof record of GDPR and HIPAA privacy compliance.

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