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Enticing consumers and clients to conduct business with you is the key to running a successful business. So, whether you’re trying to get clients to return during a worldwide epidemic or growing your markets during “regular” business hours, the issue is, “How do you achieve that?” What are the most effective methods for attracting visitors to your business, website, restaurant, workplace, and so on?

The solution is obvious: marketing. However, marketing is not an easy procedure. An entire marketing strategy includes a variety of activities, methods, and strategies that are always developing. It might make developing a marketing strategy for your small business seem daunting.

One marketing strategy that has remained popular can assist to simplify the process. Email marketing company in Dubai continues to offer the best ROI of any marketing channel—$42 back for every dollar spent.

That isn’t to argue that email as an industry, and your attitude to it, aren’t evolving—they are, or should be. “The most effective [email] marketing campaigns adapt, expand, and innovate,” says Tom Kulzer, CEO and creator of Weber, a popular email marketing service for small businesses.

Weber just published its 2020 Small Company Marketing Email Marketing Statistics Report, which includes perspectives from small business owners and industry professionals. These are the methods that have shown to be effective for other small company entrepreneurs. Check to see whether they will work for you as well.

While email marketing may claim about its high ROI, it is not used by all small firms. According to the poll, 66% of firms use email marketing to “promote their enterprises or connect with prospects and/or customers.”

If you are not in that %, it is time (indeed, it is past time) to include email into your marketing approach. If the ROI isn’t enough to persuade you, keep in mind that email is the marketing medium that the majority of customers say they want firms to use to contact with them.

You’re probably wondering if email marketing will work for you. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions in the poll.

What is the effectiveness of email marketing?

Very. 79 percent of those polled believe it is “important” or “extremely essential” to their firms. Despite the fact that company owners recognize the importance of email marketing in general, just 60% believe their own email marketing techniques are “effective” or “extremely effective,” while 26% believe they are “ineffective” or “very ineffective.”

Email tactics that are effective are “personal, targeted, and developed with the consumers’ objectives and objections in mind.”

How do you determine success?

You can’t tell how effective your email marketing is unless you define the metrics you want to track. Open rates and click-through rates are the two most frequent metrics for small businesses:

Open rates—65 percent of small firms have open rates ranging from 11 percent to 50 percent.
Click-through rates—According to the report, many small businesses need to increase their click-through rates; 77 percent of small firms have email click-through rates ranging from 0% to 10%.

How frequently should I send emails?

Almost 40% of poll respondents said they send emails “at least once a week but no more than everyday.” More than a third send emails “at least once a month but no more than regularly.” And around 12% send emails everyday or less than once a month.

Still stumped as to what to do? Mark Asquith, cofounder and CEO of Rebel Base Media, recommends that those who are new to email marketing send an email once a week. “Instead of sending more, test what you currently do.” “After that, test the frequency,” he says.

His major argument is that you shouldn’t be sending more emails that don’t work and fewer emails that do—and the only way to figure that out is to “test, test, test!”

However, Remit Seth, author and founder of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, says that you shouldn’t be concerned about how frequently you send emails. Seth feels that substance, not frequency, is the most significant aspect in email effectiveness. “The most essential thing is to write fantastic emails that bring value,” he says. “You may send as many emails as you want if your emails are really amusing, instructive, and engaging.” “Watch your open rates and unsubscribe rates attentively,” adds Seth, to determine their success.

Is list size important?

The majority (43 percent) of the small company owners who participated have email lists with between 0 and 500 members. More over 30% of small firms have between 1,001 and 9,999 email subscribers, while fewer than 7% have more than 50,000 subscribers.

Is the size of your list important in terms of effectiveness? Yes, but don’t let it deter you. It appears that having at least 500 subscribers makes a difference. According to the report, 42 percent of small firms with more than 500 subscribers believe their email marketing techniques are effective or extremely effective, but only 20 percent of organizations with 500 or less subscribers believe the same.

Obviously, expanding your list is critical. “The larger your list, the more conversions you may obtain,” Kath Pay, CEO and creator of Holistic Email Marketing, adds. She recommends that small businesses “ensure your subscribe form is above the fold, in a prominent, easy-to-access place on your website.” Put this form on every page of your website.”

Consider email marketing to be one of the most powerful methods for launching and growing your small business. It is efficient, inexpensive, and effective.


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