Embedding & Casting with Clear Polyester Resin

(a) Clear polyester casting resin is pre-promoted and requires typically just the catalyst MEKP to convert into a good state.  The MEKP could be inserted at different levels to permit for ambient temperatures, required treatment time or bulk of resin being treated.  This resin (PVA powder) comprises Styrene Monomer and ought to be treated with caution.  Styrene Monomer is a known health hazard.  Use only in a well-ventilated work area, preferably out in the fresh air.

(b) MEKP(Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) catalyst is a powerful peroxide and ought to be treated with the utmost caution.  Don’t allow contact with skin or eyes.  Wear appropriate (nitrile rubber) protective gloves and close fitting eye protection.  Have eyewash stuff near, either an eyewash bottle or a full bucket of fresh water big enough to dip your head.  In case MEKP is splashed in the eyes you’ve got just 4 minutes to wash the eyes to avoid some harm.

(c) A 2 percent sodium bicarbonate can reach an excellent neutralizing solution or newly made 5 percent sodium ascorbate solution, followed by immediate medical care.  MEKP splashes on the skin must be immediately washed with soap and water.


(a) The transparent resin might be apparent opaque or dyed tinted.  Opaque polyester gel coating pigments are acceptable for tinting resin meant to form a foundation layer before putting an item on it and then covering with all the very clear resin.  Clear dyes can be found in either liquid or powder form.  The powder dyes ought to be excavated at a minimal amount of styrene monomer as well as the resin.

(b) Not all of pigments or dyes are acceptable for polyester resin

(b) Alcohol soluble dyes are frequently utilized to color animal tissues, and this is to be inserted.  Borax carmine can be used to generate a pink color.

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