Embracing Local: Fine-Dining Cultivates Community

Food brings everyone together, whether at home or a local restaurant. Community revolves around activities that anyone can do or likes, so food is usually the event that makes everyone excited and come together. Restaurants that invest in the local community understand the valuable nature of natives. Providing services that are not available anywhere else, being a location for artistry and entertainment, and supplying events and education about food and drinks can all be indicators of a restaurant that loves locals. Though geographically large, Idaho has one of the smallest state populations in the United States. Downtown Boise restaurants that focus on Gem State Pride through local ingredients and Idaho entertainers stand apart from fast food hubs and chains that are quickly arriving.


Many fine dining restaurants in land-locked states are starved for fresh seafood. Despite it not being a local ingredient, finding the best place for delicious seafaring delicacies and pairing them with locally-sourced ingredients truly transcends the concept of fine dining. Look for local awards that depend on votes and check out the places that stay at the top of fine dining and seafood lists year after year. Finding fresh seafood Boise restaurants is easy when looking at recommendations from Best of the Treasure Valley awards and Diners’ Choice Awards.

Upscale restaurants that are proud of their local origins often extend the native nature of their experience beyond the menu. High-quality customer service from experienced locals is a wonderful indicator of a community-driven restaurant. Ambience is also a significant factor, especially when locally founded restaurants want to provide a high-class atmosphere that is usually only found in major cities. Lively entertainment and sophisticated artistry from local musicians is an excellent mark of a top-quality restaurant experience. If searching for the best live music Boise has to offer, Chandlers has a variety of amazingly talented jazz performers that are handpicked by their musical director, Chuck Smith. Performing nightly seven days a week, Chandlers is a supporter of local origins at its best.

High-quality restaurants are an outstanding center for the cultivated community. From local ingredients in the finest dishes to native artists who entertain and create nightly, the community surrounding fine dining restaurants that pride themselves on locality is a great place to see the heart of Boise.

About Chandlers

Chandlers is a steakhouse Boise restaurant. It offers guests world-class service, the most delicious steaks and seafood in Idaho, and ambience second-to-none. The extensive menu at Chandlers features seafood flown fresh to Boise on a daily basis and handpicked locally sourced ingredients.

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