It’s that time of year! We just experienced our first snow days of the year, here in the DMV. IT’S VITAL  and a Requirement per regulations that your group homes are prepared for inclement weather. Here are some tips:

Please ensure that your staff are aware of the inclement weather policy. Staff are usually expected to work until they are relieved if the area experiences snow and/or a natural disaster. The individuals must have staff 24/7 and if a staff leaves the individuals unattended that is considered job abandonment and that is also considered neglect and may possibly result in law enforcement involvement. Group Home Policies and Procedures

Every home needs enough food and water to last for a minimum of three days. There should be 3 gallons of water per individual and per staff. There should also 3 days of food that can be prepared and eaten without refrigeration or power for 3 days. If you have any individuals who are on a special diet, you must ensure that they also have emergency food for 3 days. The emergency food should be kept separate from other food in the home and should be labeled for emergencies.

There should also be first aid kits that are fully stocked, flashlights and other emergency equipment. There are emergency backpacks available online and may be at some outdoor/recreation stores.


We are almost in a new decade, the year 2020. As we reflect on this past year, it is important to be thankful. Everything that you experience as a business owner, matters! Everything helps shape and mold you and your business into what it needs to be. You have highs and lows, successes and failures but everything is a lesson. Take this time to continue what you do that is good, perfect what is good into better and ditch all habits that are not positive and that do not enhance your business. I like to call this time winter cleaning. I am excited and you should be too as we embark on a new year and continued journey. Virginia Group Home Consultant

Maybe its time to hire people to help you, market your business, network, add a new service or product, rebrand, change your payroll provide or let go of negative employees or contractors. Keep those around you that reflect you or motivate you to be a better business owner. Don’t give up! As always remember that quality is better than quantity. If you can’t and don’t want to do it right, stop doing it. Hold off until you can but doing bad business is not an option.

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