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Many employers ignore their legal commitments to their employees. Employer misbehavior can include discriminating against or harassing employees who are members of protected classes, as well as failing to pay employees the minimum wage and overtime required by law. Employers may retaliate against employees who have complained about their abuse in some instances. Our New York City employment discrimination lawyers at Yale Pollack Law Office are conversant with federal, state, and municipal legislation. When appropriate, we can assist you in filing a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a lawsuit for damages. Whether you need a sexual harassment lawyer, help with a wrongful termination claim, or something else, Yale Pollack is here to help. We have employment lawyers on Long Island who offer free consultations to employees and job candidates whose rights have been infringed.


Do you require assistance with a work-related issue?

You’ve arrived at the right location. Our employment lawyer at Yale Pollack Law Office can assist you if you are involved in an employment dispute or are facing retaliation from your employer.

Employees’ rights are protected, and violations of federal and state anti-discrimination and harassment laws, as well as employment agreements, are investigated.

Connect with us so that we can assign the best and most qualified attorney and locate a local employment lawyer who can assist you with matters ranging from employment contract disputes to sexual harassment.


What Should I Look For When Choosing A Lawyer?

Take into account the following:

Are you comfortable sharing personal information with the lawyer? Is the lawyer genuinely interested in resolving your issue?

Credentials – Has the lawyer been practicing for a long time? Is the attorney experienced in cases comparable to yours?

Cost – Is the lawyer’s fee based on an hourly rate or a flat charge? Is it possible for the lawyer to provide you with an estimate of the cost of your case?

Is the lawyer’s office in a convenient location for you?


Other Practice Areas and EEOC Representation

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is responsible for enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws, reviews complaints filed by employees alleging violations of Title VII and comparable legislation. Within 180 days of the conduct on which your complaint is based, you must submit a charge of discrimination with this agency. The EEOC will initially attempt to resolve the case through conciliation, an informal process. It also offers a mediation program that, if both parties agree, can be used as an alternative to litigation. If conciliation and mediation fail, the EEOC may file a claim against the employer or notify the employee of its decision not to pursue the issue further, as well as the employee’s right to sue. The EEOC frequently declines to pursue a good case because crucial evidence has yet to be revealed. You should be aware that even if the agency does not sue your employer, you may still have a good case.

The attorneys at Yale Pollack Law Office can also help you with representation before the New York Division of Human Rights, which is comparable to the EEOC but operates on a state level. We can also represent you in an arbitration hearing or while negotiating a severance arrangement with your employer.

If you want to file a claim for employment discrimination in New York City, contact a lawyer.

If you have been the victim of employer misbehavior, you should speak with a New York City employment discrimination lawyer about your legal options. We give tenacious legal counsel to employees who require a wrongful termination lawyer or assistance with any other form of the lawsuit involving infringements of their rights under federal, state, or local laws at Yale Pollack. To schedule a free consultation, please contact us or fill out our online form. Employees in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester are represented by our attorneys.


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