EN Series Round Bars – an Overview

EN Series Round Bars

EN Series Round Bars are Best choice for their lightweight nature and warmth dissipation qualities, they are a great manufacturing material for mechanical applications. Our bar range is used in a variety of current applications, ranging from equipment manufacturing facilities to car sectors. The offered EN Series Steel Round Bars exceed their steel rivals by a considerable number of indents due to their massive stiffness and simple compressibility. They are often smaller in size when compared to other metals and find use in a variety of sectors.


EN1A Round Bars

EN1A (230M07) is an excellent material for the manufacture of fittings such as bolts, nuts, and studs. circular bar en1a Supplied untreated and in a cold finished state.

AISI 1113 is equivalent to en 1a Round bar. En1a steel is a free-cutting mild engineering steel that is available in both leaded (+Pb) and non-leaded forms for improved machinability. Case hardening en1a leaded round bar increases its strength and ductility while also improving wear resistance. EN1A also has a better ending. Precision machined components, Nuts, and en1a round bars are some of the applications for en1a round bars.

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EN8 Round Bar

EN8 is also known as 080M40.EN8 round bar is a medium carbon steel that is unalloyed. En8 rod is utilised in situations where greater characteristics than mild steel are required. En8 bright bars can be heat treated to produce an excellent surface hardness and moderate wear resistance by flame or induction hardening procedures.

EN8 (080M40) is a prominent steel in industry, with uses ranging from the automobile sector to general engineering. EN8 Engineering Steel has a good tensile strength.

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EN9 Round Bar

EN9 Round bar has a tensile strength of 700N/mm 45tsi and is made of medium carbon steel. EN9 is suitable for sprockets, gears, and cams. In the normalised state. It may be induction or flame hardened to provide a high surface hardness with outstanding wear resistance for a carbon steel grade.

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EN18 Round Bar

Round EN18 Bars Tempered at 575°C for 60 minutes, then at 220°C for 60 minutes. Tensile, hardness, metallographic, and Charpy impact strength tests were performed on untreated and heat treated specimens.

A heat treatment solutionizing temperature of 855°C with a soaking duration of 60 minutes was used for EN18 steel round bar heat treatment. En18 rod quenching was performed independently in three media: oil, step water, and polymer (polyethylene glycol).

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EN19 Round Bar

En19 round bar is a tensile strength alloy steel of good grade. With a combination of strong ductility and shock resistance, en19 rod is suited for applications with very high loads, such as engine gearboxes. The en19 bright bar is widely used in the automobile industry. The EN19 may be machined quite precisely. En19 bar has become a well-known material in the oil and gas industry in recent years. En19 material works effectively in any application where strength is critical.

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EN24 Round Bar

EN-24 Round Bar  is often a carbon steel alloy that has had its surface condition enhanced by drawing, peeling, or grinding over the steel mill’s hot rolled finish. Enhanced machining, less waste at the component production stage, enhancement of physical and mechanical qualities, and improved dimensional tolerances and straightness are among the benefits realised.

EN24 bar is a nickel chromium molybdenum alloy that has a high tensile steel strength, superior wear resistance, and ductility. EN24 is also appropriate for a wide range of high-temperature applications, because of its relatively strong impact qualities at low temperatures.

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EN31 Round Bar

EN31 Round bar is a popular alloy steel grade that is widely used in roller bearings and the automobile industry for the production of axles, spindles, shear blades, moulding dies, forming, spinning tools, ball bearings, beading rolls, shafts, studs, punches and dies, bolts, and other high stress and large cross section components.

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EN36B Round Bar

EN36b Round bar  is a case hardened carbon steel. bar en32b Carburised components have a strength range of 430-490 N/mm2 and a hard wearing surface.

EN36b Round Bar Components have a hard wearing surface and a strength range of 430-490 N/mm2 when carburised. Micro Metals provides an effective service based on our expertise of steel grades and standards. En36b bright bar is a popular case hardening steel grade used in general engineering. In its supply condition, en36b round bar is easily machineable and weldable. Because of its low tensile strength, EN36B is best suited for lightly stressed components.

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