Ending The Constitutional Right To Abortion: US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court.1

Abortion is a women’s right. Safe and legal abortion should be counted as the ownership of every woman. The US Supreme Court took the judgment to end abortion rights, this Friday. The law capsized Roe v Wade, the ruler ruling since 1973, which lead to the recognition and legalization of women’s constitutional right to abortion which was a triumph for the citizens who wanted the policy of abortion to be banned.

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This happened after almost 50 years when the judgment was taken in favor of strict Mississippi law and overturning Roe v Wade which has been legal in the US for around 50 years.

In Roe v Wade, it was declared that women have the right to their own bodies. The women’s ability to end her privacy is totally protected under the constitutional rights of the US and is totally protected by the Constitution. Now, this will lead to an immediate ban on abortion which obviously will have some exceptions.

The legislation had six justices with five men voting to bash down the opponents. Abortion is expected to be legal in many states. The court in a, 6-3 declaration powered in which the vote was 5-4 to overturn Roe. Some of the states even have abortion protection rights. Women with unwanted pregnancies have the right to protect the child or not.

Conditions under which abortion is allowed:

The US Supreme Court allowed abortion under two possibilities. The two conditions under which abortion is allowed are:

Fist condition is if the endurance of pregnancy might cause any injury to the woman or may affect her mental health or in any case put her life in danger.

The second condition is that if the child is born then it would turn out to be handicapped, or may have any physical disabilities.

Not just this the US Supreme Court also gave the decision that pregnancy caused by rape or by the failure of contraceptive methods or birth control can also lead to abortion as it may cause injury to women’s mental health.

The Government also declared some specific conditions in which women are eligible for abortion for up to 24 weeks of getting pregnant.

The US Supreme Court also declared that unmarried women can get themselves aborted with the approval of any guardian in the case of a minor.

Alito in his final opinion also wrote that Roe was incorrect from the very start. Not just this, his reasons were also very weak. And the decision might have unfavorable and destructive impacts. Around 26 states have now banned the right to abortion. Mississippi is among the 13 states that have posed stringent laws against abortion. Visit Hare

After the decision took place, several people were seen protesting in Washington. Along with this, annual marches were also seen. The crowd got gathered in front of the courtroom where people who supported abortion were seen teary-eyed while those against it were seen cheering. Many right activists have been seen criticizing the decision taken by US Supreme Court. Abortion in the US has definitely increased at a faster pace over the last many years. Out of which, around 75 million abortions take place every year which includes 28% of all pregnancies.

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