Endoscope Camera Modules – How Ideal for Medical Purposes?

Shenzhen CMOS Technology is a renowned manufacturer specialized in R & D production of MIPI CMOS sensor camera module, USB camera module, endoscope camera module and many more.

We are committed to design, manufacture and deliver quality products to our customers and strives systematically to exceed its performance through continual improvement. We sell different modules of endoscope camera modules.

Our 1.8MM USB medical endoscope camera module is widely use for OV6946 CMOS Sensor and the out diameter is 1.8mm with metal tube but without LED. It comprises arrays of features including availability of FOVD 120 degree and FOVD 80-degree, anti-fog and waterproof lens, maximum 3 meters length and 3-100MM, or 5-20MM depth filing. It is best applicable for fiver optic endoscope and medical purposes.

At Shenzhen CMOS Technology, we also have 6.0MM endoscope camera module with LED and stainless-steel sleeve. The resolution of this camera model is 1920x1080P@60FPS whilst its length is 13±0.1mm. the standard diagonal is 140 degree and ensure 8-80mm distance focusing. As its length is 3 meters, users will find to best supported output for USB. It’s widely applicable for medical endoscopy and industry.

We at https://cbritech.com/, sell 2.8mm stainless steel sleeve endoscopy camera module which come embedded with latest features like CMOS OV6930 sensor, with resolution 400*400, high frame rate 30FPS,4PCS LED. Depending on needs, this camera module can also be best customized to ensure needed functionality.

With many types of miniature endoscope camera module in production, we also offer disposable endoscopy diameter 2.8mm for industrial endoscope, medical endoscope, and ear endoscopy. The best about this endoscope camera module is that it can support AV:USB; HDMI output.

Medical endoscope camera suppliers also supply 4.5MM endoscope camera module which is waterproof and support WiFi device. This endoscope camera module can work with iPhone, Android, Window, Linux, Mac systems. This camera module is ideal for both day and night conditions

If you have a camera module that you are interested in or want to customize, feel free to email us directly. Also, if you want to get quotation and inquiry from us, we will be delighted to help you. Submit your query via the relevant page of this website.

So, if you don’t find your required camera module on your website, please contact us, and we will try to find the correct solution for you. We will reply you within 24 hours in a working day.

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