Energy Australia Gas and Electricity Plans

EnergyAustralia, formerly TruEnergy is owned by the Hong Kong-based company, CLP Group. EnergyAustralia supplies electricity and gas to 2.6 million residences and businesses throughout Australia. EnergyAustralia believes any decision they make or any project they do should be socially and environmentally acceptable. Recently they have been focusing more on renewable energy. Electricity Retailers AU

Why choose Energy Australia?

EnergyAustralia offers a number of green, renewable, and solar products to customers, including standard gas and electricity plans. EnergyAustralia currently has four options available to enable customers to choose whether a portion or all of their electricity usage will come from renewable resources, including wind and solar power.

Business plans include small business, industrial, and multi-site accounts. Account features include options to monitor and control energy use. Electricity Compare

At Just Compare we will compare different companies and plans available for your property. We’ll consider lowest rates, best overall discount, special offers and payment bonuses, or any other special plan features that you want to see from your electricity company.

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