Energy Saving Whole House Fan Systems

Energy-saving appliances help reduce a household’s environmental impact while cutting energy costs. If you want to reap these benefits, start with your ventilation and cooling appliances. Try using a whole-house energy-saving fan.

Energy-saving whole-house fans have all the features of high-end whole-house fans and an energy-efficient motor highly rated by the California Energy Commission for ventilation based on the watts or CFM used.

An energy-saving system can be an excellent choice over upgrading your AC or adding more cooling systems. With an energy-saving motor, the fan runs more quietly than older models, so you won’t have to worry about disrupting your daily activities or annoying your neighbors. And because it is more energy efficient, it may even cut your annual energy costs.

What’s in the system?

The energy-saving fan has a patented design with an acoustical duct attached to the R5 damper box, resulting in whisper-quiet operation and almost zero noise vibration. The ECM energy-saver motor requires hardly any power while circulating extreme amounts of air. It pulls cooler outdoor air and pushes the air trapped in the attic out of the house. This way, it improves indoor air quality.

The fan may help reduce your need to run the air conditioner frequently because it efficiently cools the home. If you don’t use your AC, you could cut your utility bills by 50 to 90 percent. You might even be happy to know that energy-saving whole-house fans operate with less electricity than an air-conditioning unit.

Cool your home efficiently.

A high-quality energy-saving fan has state-of-the-art insulated ducting that enables ultra-quiet operation while delivering a cool breeze throughout the home. Alternatively, you can make it run discreetly without generating a breeze.

You can set the fan to cool specific areas in the home. This means that you can close off the rooms you don’t want to cool and let the cooling take place in crucial areas, saving you more money and ensuring comfort for everyone.

No need for an attic

Whole house fans come in different sizes, so you should be able to find the best model for your home—whether you have a humble property or an extra-large house. Some newer energy-saving fans do not require an attic, making them practical for any property.

About the Company:

Whole House Fan is an authorized distributor of QuietCool whole house fans, attic fans, and garage exhaust fans, helping people with their cooling needs since 2001. They offer fantastic whisper-quiet, safety-tested fans at an affordable price. These high-volume fans throw 1250 to 6400 cubic feet of air per minute, effectively pushing out the hot air, pollutants, and germs and allowing fresh and cold air from outside to come in. The energy efficiency of these fans is off the charts, providing you with ROI in energy savings within two years of purchase. Visit the website to buy one now, or call 1.888.229.5757 for free expert advice.

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