Engaging Activities and Lesson Plans for English

There’s no doubt everyone learns better when they’re having fun and engaged in various learning activities. This is why it’s essential for teachers to choose their resources carefully because they make the difference between your students acquiring new skills or not. If you’re searching for engaging lesson plans for kindergarten that will improve different literacy and numeracy skills, visit the Resources for Teaching website. They have a fantastic variety of downloadable and printable materials that are valuable nowadays because they are easily accessible and have been tested in many classrooms worldwide.

Here is a fun lesson plan for English lessons that includes all the materials needed for activities within the lesson, so you don’t need to spend any time preparing before class:-

Adjectives Lesson Plan for Year 1 & 2 Students


This lesson plan allows students to practice using adjectives in their sentences to describe nouns. Students will explore different types of adjectives to describe feelings, numbers, colour, size, quality, and shape. We have included the printable materials required to teach effortlessly, including some flashcards and an assessment worksheet to check your student’s understanding at the completion of the lesson.

This is wonderful for classroom teachers and relief teachers who need to pull together a quick English lesson that will teach students about using adjectives to improve their speaking and writing abilities.

Here is a fun maths activity for Kindergarten students from the Resources for Teaching Website to help your students learn how to collect, interpret and organise data:

Types of Graphs Posters for Younger Students (K-2)


These vivid posters/ display cards are fantastic for using during a class discussion to differentiate between different graphs by looking at the physical characteristics and then interpreting the information. For this resource, you can print, cut and laminate then use as posters to display in your classroom. Or you can print 2 slides to a page and laminate them and use as display cards for students who are struggling and need extra scaffolding. These posters are also great for math centres.

If you are searching for a preschool lesson planner, activities that require no preparation or printable classroom décor to help your students, visit the Resources for Teaching website now: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au

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