Engineer-to-Order Trends for Manufacturers in 2022

The last couple of years have been full of ups and downs for everyone, and industries have struggled big-time to recover in the right direction. While economies are getting back on track gradually, it can’t be denied that things will take a little time to actually reach a point where they can be termed as normal. 

Manufacturing or production were two of the most severely hit industries and the issues with supply and creation are bound to get carried over to 2022 as well. However, the recovery has been quick, thanks to how the digital ecosystem has made everything simple, and having complex engineer-to-order products despite all troubles speaks a lot about that. 

While the term has been not new, the rise of engineer-to-order products has been meteoric, to say the least. In fact, if Market Watch stats are anything to go by, the ETO(engineer-to-order) ERP market is bound to grow significantly by the year 2027, which is a huge leap in itself. This is because digital transformation and adoption have made manufacturers more aware of the digital space and its substantial influence on the market. 

2022 is going to be another eventful year for manufacturers with an elaborate range of product options, more so in the engineer-to-order space

Here is a look at some of the most promising engineer-to-order trends for manufacturers in 2022- 

1- Redefining Inventory Management

Till now, inventory management was referred to as a method that allowed better management of the stock in hand, which was done to control the costs associated with insurance, taxes, storage, and more. 

Given how storage has become a polite liability in the last few years with the supply chain issues that were prevailing in the market, the stocks didn’t prove to be much useful in this situation where procurement wasn’t possible at all due to the enforced lockdowns. As a result, manufacturers faced huge losses because the manufacturing could not be completed on time. 

Increased advancements in the area of managing inventory with digital supply infrastructure and better-paced responses to material shortages, if any, in the future. 

2- The Reshoring Practice

Supply-chain issues have been severely rampant in the last few months, which is why manufacturers have been very active in their efforts to collect their business operations and get them back from beyond the borders. 

Various import and export tariffs too, have been in a state of constant flux, forcing manufacturers to reduce their dependency on foreign imports. This thought process is going to lead to restructuring supply chains and making them more self-reliant in the time to come. 

3- Better Automation and AI

Automation and Artificial Intelligence will keep taking giant strides in the world of manufacturing, with newer technologies showing immense promise to completely transform production floors into sophisticated ecosystems of their own, making various engineer-to-order product solutions more compact and seamless. 

Amidst all this, some of the technological trends in AI will include- 

  • Autonomic Tech

Autonomic tech has the ability to ensure updates to the algorithm so that it suits the dynamic requirements of the ecosystem it works in. With autonomic functionality, software can quickly adapt to changes, increasing its overall efficiency.

  • Design with Generative Abilities

Generative design brings the capability to simplify the process of creating new engineering designs from scratch. The result is an enhanced ability to create, or rather, generate new products while also keeping the manufacturing potential in mind. 

4- Asset Operations

More global competition, inventory and supply chain management, and business scalability are a few of the challenges that the manufacturing industry is currently facing. As a result, turning to asset operations is going to be a pretty feasible option. 

Asset management operations combines the technician services, data, and the organizational wireframe to make it quick for every individual employee to achieve what is needed. 

All set for 2022? 

To cut a long tale short, 2022 will witness the manufacturing industry incline more towards automation and better security while also trying to reduce the risk posed by supply chain disruptions, and reduced skilled labor. 

With the right engineer-to-order product solutions, the transition to 2022 will bring a lot of promise for manufacturers al over the world. With Epicor and KBMax, trust us when we say this, this transition is going to be very promising for sure. 

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