Enhance your business’s performance in the fleet management business segment with School Bus Tracking Software

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Schools take the responsibility for the wellness of their students, both physically and academically. Hence these schools are keenly aware of the circumstances in order to provide the best safety for their students. Nowadays these schools provide transportation facilities, densely populated schools should have a number of buses functioning at once. Managing such a huge number of buses and ensuring the safety of every student is highly doubtful until proper monitoring.

The monitoring of school buses is very important nowadays, the road safety should be given primary concern and should become everyone’s priority. There are several softwares and applications which provide such monitoring services with a wide range of useful features.One such software is the School Bus Tracking Software, It offers the best in class features which promises the safety and proper channelized monitoring.This software has various panels, and each panel’s features are mentioned below,

School Admin –

  • Live tracking
  • Route and stage management
  • Notifications
  • Ignition alert
  • Speed alert
  • Stoppage alert
  • Geo fencing alerts
  • Offline access
  • Effective Communication

Driver App features-

  • Navigation
  • Monitor Speed
  • Live Cam
  • Notifications
  • Mark Attendance
  • Active Communication

Fleet Manager App features 

  • Bus Tracking
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Planning trips
  • End-to-end communication

Parents App features –

  • Live Tracking
  • Pick up and drop notifications
  • View scheduled bus routes
  • Offline access

All the above mentioned apps work interconnectedly in order to provide the maximum safety and security. This has now become a business as the schools are concerned with safety and monitoring. It’s a very profitable business.Now you can launch your own School Bus Tracking software. There are a lot of app development companies which are functioning to provide such services. Find the right one and get your needs and requirements met.

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