Enhance Your Eye Makeup With a Mask!

2020 has brought a new era with itself. A lot of things have taken a complete u-turn, more so when it comes to buying beauty products online.


Whether it’s preventing issues with lockdown skincare or attempting to breathe easier when wearing a mask, it’s evident that the new normal involving wearing face masks has changed the cosmetics industry in a way that nobody thought possible. Instead of prioritising signature lips, the mask-friendly eye makeup has taken the beauty world by surprise. So many websites have come up with numerous offers for customers to buy beauty products online.


Eye makeup can be a way for many people to express themselves. Now is the best time to level up your eye makeup game. We have a few suggestions on how to enhance the one prominent area that people can see on your face.

●    Use an Eye Primer

It’s crucial to use a primer if you’re intending on wearing eyeshadow, as this will help to prevent your eyeshadow from disappearing and it also helps to preserve your eye makeup during the day.

●    Concealer

You can still use a concealer if you don’t have a primer, just add it to your lids and mix it with your fingertips. Concealers are very useful in concealing eye bags around the eye region and fine lines.


A cool trick when using a concealer would be to spread the concealer in an upside-down triangle shape from the lower lash line to the top of the cheek and then blend the outline. This will help give you a far fresher look.

●    Highlight Your Brows

Eyebrows assist in defining your face, and they’re certainly going to attract more attention when you wear a mask. So, it’s advisable to emphasise your brows. You should invest in a tweezer pair and an eyebrow pencil, as both will allow you to form your brows and fill them in.


Now, using your eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows and build your ideal brow shape will be the easiest way to tweeze your eyebrows. Concentrate on pulling the stray hairs around the outlined form after this. Fill in your eyebrows until you’re done tweezing by brushing them up and fill in where you need more definition.

●    Work Up The Lashes

Flat or droopy eyelashes can make your eyes look sluggish, so curling them is necessary. This will better prepare them for the illusion that mascara offers height and volume.


Be sure to use a dark mascara as this will help make your eyes more prominent. Be sure to position the brush as close as you can to the bottom of your eyelashes while applying. Build from the lash line and the base of the lash.

●    Wing Your Liner

When it comes to eye makeup, one of the most excellent tools in your collection is eyeliner. You can use it to increase definition, and make your eyes pop. You should try the tight-lining technique if you want your eyes to stand out. This is where, right around the lash line, you add eyeliner very thinly.

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