Enjoy A True Italian Staple Using Sun Dry Tomatoes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In today’s tradition of eating healthy food, nutritionist recommends to use only premium quality ingredients, including sun dry tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and authentic seasonings to create healthy Italian inspired dishes. The best part of using sun-dried tomatoes is they last forever if you stored them as per the prescribed information mention on its label. If you want you can also prepare it, but it takes a lot of time, ingredients and most importantly effort which hardly people nowadays can dedicate. With busy schedules, people nowadays prefer to buy premium quality ready-made grocery products, including sun-dried tomatoes with EVOO, which is easily available at the online Italian grocery store.

A ready-made bottle of sun-dried tomatoes provides a concentrated flavor of tomato that with finding a perfect blend of sweet and savory. They are sold dry-packed in extra virgin olive oil as suggested by their name. They taste delicious when used in Italian staple dishes. Before using it in your dishes, let’s first get to know about its flavor, its preservation method, and how to use it in various dishes.

Intense Flavor

The flavor of ready-made available sun-dried tomatoes in EVOO is quite intense, concentrated, and salty with a pungent aroma. Although the use of sun-dried tomatoes with EVOO is popular for pasta recipes, you can also enjoy using it to prepare many other Italian staples, including vegetables, meats, and bread.

Best Way To Preservation

If you haven’t opened the seal-packed bottle of sun-dried tomatoes, it will stay fine without refrigeration for a 6 – 9 month period. Like the way you preserve taggiasche olives in extra virgin olive oil purchased from the reputed online grocery store, similarly, you have to take the proper care of sun-dried tomatoes. However, once opened it need to be refrigerated and use as per your preference.

Sun-dried packed tomatoes in EVOO work best in enhancing the flavors of Italian dishes leaving a pleasant aroma to the dish. To get the delectable taste of sun-dried tomatoes, you need to handle it carefully.

Let’s get to know how to use sun-dried tomatoes in EVOO as the key ingredient in a variety of Italian staple dishes.

Delicious Recipes To Use Sun-Dried Tomatoes In Extra Virgin Olive Oil As A Key Ingredient

  • Stuffed recipe- If your tastebuds craving an elegant appetizer, then the stuffing of sundried tomatoes with eggplant, cheese, capers, and Italian herbs will be an ideal dish.
  • Lasagna- If you’re a vegan or want to eat a vegan diet, then you can use sundried tomatoes for preparing lasagna dishes.
  • Broth- To enhance the taste and flavor of vegetable broth, you can use the intense flavor and aroma of sun-dried tomatoes. Toss the broth in 2 tablespoons of sun-dried tomatoes and cook properly.
  • Pesto- Take the rich taste of Italian pesto to a delicious level by adding the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes.

Try these recipes to give your tastebud the flavor of an absolutely unique and flavorful Italian staple dish. Packed in extra virgin olive oil with Italian seasoning of garlic and fresh herbs will truly enhance the flavor of Italian dishes. To get an authentic and five-star Italian restaurant taste, buy the ready-made packed sundried tomatoes tossed in less processed extra virgin olive oil from the online grocery store.

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