Enjoy Chilled Beverages for Longer with an Insulated Backpack Cooler

Nothing relieves the stress of everyday life like getting out into nature. When somebody is slugging their way through college courses or a 40+ hour work week, it feels great to leave those hassles behind for a couple of days. Going camping, taking a day hike and other short trips can do someone a world of good.


On occasions like these, having something cool to drink can be just what the doctor ordered. This is what makes an insulated backpack cooler an invaluable piece of gear. They let outdoor enthusiasts go for longer and have an ice-cold beverage whenever they want one. The best backpack coolers give people the support and comfort of a premium technical backpack while keeping food and drinks cold for days on end.

An insulated backpack cooler saves campers, hikers and fishermen (and fisherwomen) the trouble of lugging a standard cooler around on their trip. After all, the whole idea of heading off to the woods, the mountains or the river is to get away from hassles. Hauling a big, bulky piece of plastic or Styrofoam from one place to another can work against that goal.

With a well-designed, insulated backpack cooler, a person can dump some ice in, drop their drinks and sandwiches on top and get moving. Some models have suspension systems like those of technical backpacks, which allow the people wearing them to carry loads without straining their backs or shoulders. Backpack coolers can have features like cushioned hip belts and carrying straps to hold them in place. Some insulated backpack coolers can handle 50 lbs. of weight or more.

Of course, a cooler would not be worth much if it did not keep ice and other contents cold. Leading manufacturers make their backpack coolers with proprietary, waterproof fabric to keep heat out and cold in. A high-quality insulated backpack cooler will keep ice frozen for several days regardless of the outside temperature.

ICEMULE Coolers makes outstanding products like the BOSS, which is possibly the finest insulated backpack cooler on the market. Its thick, closed-cell PolarLayer XT™ Insulation foam and exclusive IM AirValve™ ensure multi-day ice retention. Not only does the BOSS keep ice cold longer than any cooler, its best-in-class backpack suspension system lets the wearer carry it comfortably. The BOSS also has three insulated external pockets, can handle 60+ lbs. and is 100% waterproof.

About ICEMULE Coolers

ICEMULE Coolers offers high-quality insulated backpack coolers and other products through its online store. The company uses proprietary technology to make its signature cooler bag, which ensures maximum ice retention and durability.

For more information, visit https://icemulecoolers.com/

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