Enjoy Relaxing and Safe Spas with Bromine Tablets

A hot relaxing spa at night can help you rejuvenate and relax after a busy and tiring day. The hot water soothing every inch of your body, the natural scents and bubbles help vanish all your fatigue in a matter of a few minutes… but is your hot tub spa safe? You may think adding chlorine is all that you needed to do. But that is not enough. When chlorine oxidizes contaminants, it also forms a waste product called chloramines. And these chloramines not only reduce the sanitizer’s contaminant fighting ability but also increase the probability of bacteria breeding and algae growth. So, now if you are thinking about what the best hot tub chemicals are, then the answer is bromine! Though bromine too produces bromamines which reduces the effectiveness of the sanitizer, they are not as noxious as chloramines.

The benefits of using bromine over chlorine are listed as under:

1. Less odour than chlorine

2. Lower pH than chlorine and keeps water chemistry balanced

3. More stable than chlorine especially in warm waters.

4. Gentler on the skin as compared to chlorine.

Bromine is available in both tablet and granular form for your hot tub and can be used according to the need. The major differences between bromine tablets and granules are that while tablets dissolve slowly and provide powerful protection, granules provide quick oxidation treatment. Both granules and tablets provide bacterial protection and keep you hot tub clean.

While bromine evidently has a lot of benefits over chlorine, a major hindrance is a fact that bromine is a bit more expensive than chlorine and is required to be used in more amounts to provide the same level of sanitization than chlorine. But bromine can work for a longer period of time thus, reducing its overall need. Simple math will quickly tell you that while going for chlorine may sound pocket-friendly at first but in the long run, bromine spa chemical is much more cost-effective. If you are looking for places to buy safe hot tub chemicals especially in Canada you can rely on Hot Tubs Ottawa Inc. They are the proud providers of safe spa chemicals that will help you have relaxing spa baths in the safest possible way.

About Hot Tubs Ottawa Inc:

Hot Tubs Ottawa Inc. provides bromine tablets for hot tub and many other spa chemicals, with online order and delivery to anywhere in Canada.

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