Enjoy Shopping at AliExpress without Getting Scammed With These 6 Tips

AliExpress is an e-commerce store operating as a retail arm of Alibaba. Even though it’s highly popular, many interested shoppers haven’t made a move yet because they are afraid of scams.

We are living in digital times. When Internet and cable have become so mainstream with services such as Spectrum bundle deals and groundbreaking technologies like Al, ML, and big data, the ratio of web scams and breaches has increased as well. The worst part is credit card scam isn’t the only thing that’s stopping shoppers from buying via AliExpress. They are afraid of being sold low-quality products as well.

These tips will help you stay safe and shop for the best product:

1: Contact the Seller

When you come across an exciting cable TV plan such as Spectrum 101, you don’t go ahead and subscribe to the service right away do you? You inquire about the package first. Do the same here.

When you find something you like, before hitting the purchase button, contact the seller. Why? To ask questions about the quality of the material, warranty, refund policy, and anything else you want to know.

Check if their answers are consistent with what they have mentioned on their product page. Good sellers always talk about their products in depth. They never push you to buy the product.

2: Watch Out the Payment Method

AliExpress has an escrow service to help buyers get a replacement or a refund in case of a dispute. However, it’s not a full-proof way of protecting yourself. Sometimes, even if you show considerable evidence that the product was incorrect/faulty, you get an automatic rejection.

However, many say it’s better than other payment options like bank transfer or Western Union where you have no way to reverse the loss.

3: Always Look into Seller’s Feedback

An admirable thing about AliExpress is they have implemented a user view and rating system. Again, it’s far from foolproof, it’s still useful for making purchase decisions.

Everyone these days is using deceptive methods for achieving better ratings. And if you don’t believe the review and rating system, then gleam at the comments. Read what other buyers have to say about the product or service.

4: Check Seller’s Guarantee

Seller’s guarantee can also make buyers confident in their purchase. As a rule of thumb, the more guarantees the providers offer, the more confident you can be in your purchase.

AliExpress had to include these features. After all, it makes their store more reliable. So what types of guarantees can a seller offer? Here are 4 common types:

Timely Delivery

The seller promises to offer a full refund in case the purchase doesn’t arrive at an agreed time.

Returns and Refunds

The seller promises to provide a full refund in case the product isn’t as described.

Domestic Returns

If the warehouse of the seller is located in your country, in case of returns, you can send back the item without worrying about custom fees and shipping costs.

Genuine Product

Guaranteed genuine is a promise by AliExpress itself, verifying the product as genuine. Look for this guarantee whenever you are buying a big-ticket product.

To find one of these guarantees, check the “buyer protection” information on the product page, or the “seller guarantees” tab that’s placed below the product image. Having even one of these guarantees will protect you from a bad deal.

5: Shop Smartly

No matter what kind of security is in place, one must take some responsibility for one’s actions. To avoid fraudulent sales, be mindful of what you are buying and from whom. Follow these tips to become a mindful shopper:

  • When the price seems too good to be true, it is. If someone has listed iPhone for $20, you are not going to get a genuine product. Don’t forget to check the description. Chances are the seller is selling an iPhone cover or some other accessory, not the actual phone.
  • Never transfer money to the bank account of the seller. Never proceed with a deal where the seller encourages sending money directly. This also means that AliExpress will no longer cover you under its buyer protection policies.
  • Never confirm the delivery of your product before receiving the order. You didn’t get the chance to inspect the product. You never got to check it for problems. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to confirm the delivery just yet.

6: Buy From Verified Gold Suppliers Only

Even the AliExpress help center suggests that to avoid scams, you must buy from gold suppliers only. The unfortunate thing is that currently, there aren’t any Gold Suppliers.

Once the verified gold suppliers appear, try to shop from these trusted individuals only.

You won’t become a victim of scams if you stick to the said measures. If a friend tells you there is 50% off on all Spectrum Waco packages, you would first verify it from Spectrum’s website, right? Do the same when you are shopping from AliExpress or any other online store.

Happy Shopping!

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