Enjoy the Stay in Fully Furnished Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments have changed the way of enjoying holidays. In previous times people used to book hotels for trips. But now Service apartments have become the point to relax, unwind, and enjoy the stay individually or with family. These apartments are believed to provide you much a safe and soothing atmosphere for the visitors. The sole reason for establishing a service apartment in Coimbatore, Racecourse by Mr.Muthumaanickam and his family is the safety and enjoying vibes for travelers.


Why Choose Service Apartments?


There are many reasons to choose service apartments in Coimbatore, Race Course. These apartments are spacious and are fully furnished apartments in Coimbatore. Service apartments in Coimbatore are known for their extremely super enjoyable services. Also, there is nothing to fear about while staying in service apartments in Coimbatore.


Service apartments in Coimbatore are safe and provided with CCTV cameras that are installed for safety purposes. Anyone who is looking for a place for short stay needs, you can surely reach us out in Coimbatore. Cornerstone is one such service apartment that for sure you do not want to miss the opportunity to experience the stay in it.


Stay in Fully Furnished  Service Apartments In Coimbatore

Cornerstay service apartments in Coimbatore, Race Course is a fully furnished service apartment in Coimbatore that is suggested for all those travelers who love to live in a place where they can enjoy their time fully without any interference of staff members. In service apartments, visitors are free to perform any meetings, or get-togethers without worrying about anything.

Whether you are staying as a family or as an individual, you can live ferry without any restrictions and can ask for furniture that you may require from the caretaker of the house at any time. Fully furnished service apartments in Coimbatore are established to make your trip memorable.


Experience The Luxurious Stay At A Very Reasonable Cost

What you will love most about these fully furnished service apartments in Coimbatore is that they give you a luxurious experience at a very nominal price. You have to pay nothing more than a hotel booking. Everything you enjoy in these apartments is provided by the owner for you to enjoy the stay comfortably.

Enjoying such a spacious place on your trip with your friends is a blessing. Due to the nominal prices, it has become easy for many travelers to live in their dream house and make their dream come true and trip quite memorable with the best and luxurious experience at a very reasonable price.

Enjoy Home-Like Experience

Cornerstay is a fully furnished service apartment in Coimbatore, a racecourse that provides a home-like experience to visitors who are staying at a very minimum price. Now you do not have to worry about food when you are in another city or state. These service apartments have made it easy for travelers and wanderers to feel at home in service apartments.

These service apartments are provided with kitchens and comfortable rooms in Coimbatore that will not let you miss your home. You can easily make your own food and can sleep tight comfortably.



Anyone who is looking for rooms or houses to stay in for a short time period can book Corner stay hotel to add on to your best experiences and memories on the trip. Also, get all the facilities for safety and comfort in the service apartment. Call us to book your stay for experiencing the best.

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