Enjoy These Best Rhythm Games on Android and iOS

The rhythm games are fascinated by a lot of people these days as they stimulate the musical chords on their mind. These games gained popularity in Japan and are now popularly liked by people from all across the globe. Due to its origin, you can find a huge variety of Japanese songs and music in it. You can also share your musical journey with friends and family. Here, we have listed the best rhythm apps from which you can choose the best one out for you:

  • Arcaea

This is one of the most highly rated apps that has over 160 songs from 100+ famous artists across all the other games. Users can choose from three different rhythm difficulty levels for every song, which can eventually help the users to increase the level and skills through the arcade-style progression on the app. This app can be used offline as well, and one can expand the music library from the content updates.

  • STUM

This app enables you to test your skills as you can share your skills with the people worldwide and you will get to see your ranking. This platform has more than 50 music from various genres. You can also join in online battles where the opponent can interrupt and attack you while you get to defend yourself. You can also modify the music according to your level.

  • Protocol

This app works best on wired earphones rather than the Bluetooth ones. Users can play the musical masterpiece of the popular Nextfloor games, and it also provides 3D visuals and musical notes. You can indulge yourself into the music from various famous artists and share your progress with your friends and family.

  • BEAT MP3

This music app takes your musical experience a step forward as it allows you to use music from your collection or music library. It comes with four difficulty modes and supports English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages. Its Random Beats system creates different games every time, even if you play the same song. It also introduces random bonus events from time to time.


You can use this app for free, but it also includes in-app purchases. This is a typical arcade-style game app that also includes music, video, beats and notes. Users can choose from either of the three difficulty levels with high-quality rhythmic effects. You can participate to stand a chance to top the country, world and international championship. You have to make purchases to play the Champion’s Tour.

  • TapTube

This app comes up with a unique feature that allows the users to play rhythm games, watch videos and listen to the music simultaneously. You can create a list of your favourite songs, and the app will recommend you songs accordingly. Users can personalize and configure the game’s speed, slide note, number of lines, etc. and you can also create your notes. This app runs on Wi-Fi and requires 4.0+ Android.

  • VEOZ

This app brings you dynamic tracks, notes, great visuals and gameplay experience for free. It has the largest music collection of all the other apps as they bring exclusive tunes per month, but they occasionally introduce paid song packs as well. Users can join the game’s character eventually. You can also join the leaderboard by playing and chatting with people from all around the world.

  • Hachi Hachi

It is unique due to its real-time Player vs Player rhythm game that also includes various types of music along with the in-app purchase. You can examine your skills each week through its One Week One Tournament feature. This app has the best game design and audio work and also enables the players to choose from the Casual and Arena mode of difficulty levels.

All of the apps mentioned above support both iOS and Android systems. Each app might require a different version of Android and iOS to function properly on your device. So, it is recommended to check the details on the app before you indulge yourself in playing the rhythm game.

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