Enrol for Virtual Cocktail Making Course to Become a Professional Bartender

Virtual cocktail makingIf you are keen to make a successful career as a professional bartender, the first important thing is to enrol for a professional cocktail making classes. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most of the companies offering Virtual cocktail making classes, which are as good as offline classes. For attending these online classes, you need a laptop or computer, internet connectivity and above all, zeal to learn essential skills of bartending. Before discussing in detail about these classes, let’s take a quick look about expected skills of professional bartenders.

As per the industry standard, a professional bartender must know the perfect way of setting a bar at any location, art of using the bar equipment, pouring cocktails and other drinks, he should know the art of shaking and muddling and preparing various cocktails by using a variety of fresh ingredients. If he is able to entertain his guests with his creative skills like singing and dancing, it will be a huge plus. Of course, regular practice is necessary to hone these skills. So, if a person enrols for VIP package of virtual cocktail making classes, he can become a professional bartender in the time span of one year for sure.

Salient Features of Cocktail Making Online Classes

Based on the package chosen by a person, the features vary. If a person has enrolled for VIP package, some of the features are as follows:

  1. He will get personalized attention of a professional bartender as he is the only participant in the class.
  2. The class will run for 1 hour for 5 days a week. He can even attend weekend classes that will run for 2 or 3 hours.
  3. He will get privilege to learn 3 cocktails of his choice as per his chosen ingredients.
  4. The professional bartenders will tell the technique of making their signature drink.
  5. He will get complete kit of glassware and bar equipment along with a booklet containing important information about the virtual cocktail making.
  6. After learning required techniques, the company will conduct an online examination based on which, the participant will get the certificate.

Besides these, other pieces of information like how to pour drinks, how to set up a mobile bar at a restricted space, how to match the theme of any event while setting up a bar, etc., are also shared with participants.

Once you complete the virtual cocktail making course successfully, it is advisable to plan a small party in your house. This will give you clear cut idea how much knowledge you have gained in the online classes and in which areas you are lacking. You can plan to throw a small get-together for your friends and set up a mobile bar in your house.  Call 5-6 friends and prepare cocktails for them instantly as per their choicest ingredients. If you fill you have hosted a perfect party and confidently prepared a number of drinks, you can start your business. The only thing to remember is to take virtual cocktail making course from a reputed institute to gain the right knowledge.

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