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There are online courses for kids which teach the kids about coding, math and logic. Learning this skill can help the kids in the future as coding professionals are in huge demand. The online courses are customized as per age. There are many benefits of teaching the kids to code.

The concepts of coding are being taught to young minds as they can grasp them quickly. There are many opportunities in the field of coding and teaching this skill to the kids can be beneficial. There are online coding courses for kids from Grade 1 – 12.

There are courses on weekdays, weekends, vacation and while school is running. The kids choose the timing suitable for them. The online coding for kids courses includes quizzes, contests and access to various websites and forums. The courses are taught by expert mentors.

The online courses can be taken from home and all you need is a computer and an internet connection. The courses are taught through interactive virtual classrooms. You can even book a free trial class to know how the actual classes are conducted. The kids can converse with each other and also the teacher during the class. Learning becomes fun for the kids.

The kids can select the 1:1 learning method too. The kids control the pace of the class by asking the teacher to go slow or fast.

Topics covered as per Grade
The following topics are taught as per the grade:

Grade 1 – 2
The kids are taught game development, AI with game development, mobile app development and 3D games and virtual reality.

Grade 3 – 4
The kids are taught game development with AI, mobile app development, 3D games and virtual reality and Al and Chatbots.

Grade 5 – 6
The kids are taught mobile app development, Al with JavaScript, 3D games and virtual reality and AI with Python.

Grade 7 – 12
The kids are taught AI with JavaScript, 3D coding and virtual reality, web development and AI with Python.

Benefits of teaching the kids to code
The following are the benefits of teaching the kids coding skills:

  • The kids are taught to solve the problems by breaking them into small parts. This improves their problem-solving skills. Practicing coding will help the kids in the future.
  • The kids can show their creativity when they build things. This enhanced their creative ability and imagination.
    When kids solve any problem or build their own things at a young age they become more confident.
  • Learning coding skills may open career paths for the kids.

The author is a writer and likes to write about the courses in computer programming. Currently, the author has explained about the online coding for kids courses and the benefits of learning to code.

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