Ensure Safety With Regular Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Fire can spread very quickly, but a building with well-maintained fire sprinkler system will be at an advantage during an unfortunate mishap. If you get fire sprinkler inspection done on a regular basis, it will reduce the extent of damage, and keep the progress of fire slow until the firefighters come for rescue. We, at American Backflow and Fire Prevention, arrive at your facility to inspect your fire sprinkler and fire alarm from time to time and keep them in optimum working condition.

Frequency Of Fire Sprinkler Inspection

The frequency at which you should get your fire sprinkler inspected is determined by several factors, including the occupancy type of your building, the components used in the sprinkler system, and your local code. Inspections may be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending on these factors. For example, if yours is a high-rise building and you have a pump to let the water flow reach to the top, then you would require a more frequent fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection.

How Fire Sprinkler Inspection is done

During fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspection, the expert and trained professional carry out the following steps:

• They visually inspect the fire sprinkler system for proper support, clearance and orientation.
• They ensure that all sprinkler pipes and heads are accessible from the floor
• They give lubrication to the valves
• They perform drain tests and note results to ensure proper water pressure and volume
• They do fire alarm inspection
• They check proper signage on the valves
• They check that the spare head box is full of the required wrench and sprinkler heads
• They verify that each valve is properly positioned and sealed

How to Ensure Proper Functioning of your Fire Sprinkler System

While inspections are helpful in keeping your system functioning properly, there are certain things that you can do to keep it safe and ready too:

• Never apply paint on your sprinkler heads
• Do not hang anything from sprinkler heads
• Do not stack anything near your sprinkler heads
• Report immediately to the professionals if you notice any damage in the system
• Always keep the control valves in open position

Other Services Offered

In addition to fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspection services, American Backflow and Fire Prevention offers a number of other services as well, including

• Chicago backflow testing
• Plumbing
• Software integration
• Solving sewer blockages
• Fire hydrant testing, repair and maintenance
• Fire suppression, and others
• 24 hour emergency service

American Backflow and Fire Prevention maintains a staff of professionally trained fire sprinkler inspection technicians. They are available to handle different types of fire sprinkler inspection, installation, repair and maintenance services in Chicago. Specially qualified to quickly identify issues in your systems, these service experts provide rapid response and create best solution as per your particular facility and project. If you own a building in Chicago, then call American Backflow and Fire Prevention today to ensure safety.

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