Ensuring Optimal Driving Behaviour with Video Telematics Software

Regardless of the fleet size, a driver behaviour monitoring solution is an essential requirement in fleet management software. Can video telematics software contribute to improving driver behaviour analysis? 


Video telematics software solutions indeed serve as an additional and valuable tool for monitoring driving behaviour. Are you wondering how? Keep reading to get answers to all such queries.


Video Telematics Solutions for Driving Behaviour Monitoring

A driver behaviour monitoring solution provides a detailed report on an individual driver’s performance, tracking events that occur while they are driving. The more triggered events that occur, the lower the driver’s performance is considered to be.

The monitored driving behaviour events include:

  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Overspeeding
  • Excess Driving Hours
  • Freewheeling

Based on these events, a comprehensive driver report is generated, and a driver score is calculated. Each event is assigned a specific level of risk, which contributes to the overall driver score.


Where do video telematics solutions fit in the overall fleet management process?


Video telematics software solutions can be categorized into two types: DMS (Driver Monitoring System) and ADAS (Automatic Driver Assistance System).

The Driver Monitoring System, as the name implies, keeps a close watch on the driver’s activities while they are on duty. It promptly alerts you whenever the driver engages in unacceptable actions, such as smoking, yawning, being distracted, feeling drowsy, or using a phone. Even if the driver is absent, or a substitute driver is at the wheel, the system generates alerts to maintain vigilance.

On the other hand, the Automatic Driver Assistance System focuses on monitoring the vehicle’s surroundings. With 24/7 video surveillance, this system not only enhances vehicle security but also safeguards the transported goods. The fleet monitoring platform triggers alerts whenever the camera detects events like forward collision, backward collision, proximity to pedestrians, signal violations, and various other potential risks.


How Video Telematics Ensures Driver Behaviour Monitoring 

Both driver behaviour analysis solutions and video telematics solutions address events triggered by poor driving behaviour, either directly or indirectly.

While driving behaviour monitoring solutions focus on analyzing driving activities, the Driver Monitoring System of video telematics software observes in-cabin driver activities. On the other hand, ADAS solutions cover various aspects of surrounding surveillance but primarily aim to assist the driver in safe driving. 

They promptly alert the driver and fleet manager whenever an event is detected by the hardware, recording and notifying about bad driving behaviour to discourage its repetition.


Insightful Reports 

A standalone driver behaviour system generates its reports, and a video telematics solution produces separate reports. However, a comprehensive fleet management software that combines both solutions can provide a cumulative report, making it easier to understand and manage. While driver behaviour monitoring provides data on events, video telematics offers visual evidence to support the analysis.


On-point Analysis 

Fleet monitoring systems offering both driver behaviour analysis and video telematics solutions possess consolidated databases or reports. This integration allows the software to present combined analytics, enabling better performance analysis. The software can study data from various sources concerning the same entity, enhancing the accuracy of performance evaluation through a larger pool of data.


Credible Driver Score 

With multiple data sources on driving behaviour, the driver score becomes more accurate. The inclusion of video telematics data with visual events enhances the aspects available for evaluating a driver’s performance. This comprehensive approach provides textual and visual data, contributing to a more robust assessment of driver behaviour.


Video Telematics and Driving Behaviour Analysis, A Win-Win Combination 

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