Enticing Features That Customers Look For In Uber For Alcohol App

People are avoiding crowded places to avoid virus contraction so the demand for these Uber for alcohol apps increased tremendously. According to digital commerce, the online sales of liquor grew to 32.7% in 2017. The global alcohol market was valued at $1200 billion in 2017 and it is expected to grow by $1628 by 2024. With the right features and market, strategy entrepreneurs can develop an app and easily climb the ladder of success in a short span. Here are some of the looked out features in Uber for alcohol app.

Easy ordering & timely delivery: Just like the other delivery services, users can select the required time of alcohol in the app and it is delivered to their place in the estimated time. Only people above the age of 21 are allowed to drink so users must produce a reliable verification during order. The age bar for drinking varies according to country but in most places, it is 21 years.

Real-time tracking: Users can track the services through in-app maps. In addition to that, users are sent notifications updating the order’s progress.

In-app payment: The payment gateway offers a secure medium for users to carry out online transactions. There are multiple gateway options available such as credit card, e-wallet such as PayTM, G-pay, etc.

Review & ratings: Users can review and rate the delivery executives based on punctuality and other factors.

The demand for alcohol delivery is going to increase in the next couple of months due to the coronavirus crisis. So it would be the apt time for entrepreneurs to invest in these Uber for alcohol development. Appdupe offers a fully functional Alcohol delivery services app with all the salient features. Visit our website to learn more about clone app solutions.

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