Environmental and Financial Benefits of Mississauga Electronics Recycling

Electronic waste contains many valuable materials that can be recovered to be reused, including silver, gold, copper, aluminum, iron and plastics. Mississauga electronics recycling can be done to conserve the natural resources and use these products for creating new electronic equipment. When allowed to stay in the landfills, the toxic materials in electronic waste, such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium and beryllium leach into our water and soil and cause pollution. Electronics recycling can be an effective step towards not only saving the environment, but improving the economy as well.

Environmental Benefits of Electronics Recycling

There are a number of obvious, but repeatable benefits that Toronto electronics recycling provides to the environment:

Preservation of natural resources: Electronic waste contains a variety of precious and valuable metals that can be recovered, including silver, gold and platinum, in addition to iron, aluminum and copper. These are termed as ‘precious’ because they have very limited supply in nature, and humans greatly rely on them for a number of functions. Even the rocket ships that NASA makes can be made up of these metals. So, recycling these materials can keep them protected for future use and preserve our limited natural resources

Energy saving: Electronics recycling also preserves our natural resources by saving the energy required to process and mine new metals. Recycling consumes only 30% of the energy required to process new metals

Reduce pollution: Apart from precious metals, electronic waste also contains hazardous and toxic chemicals, like mercury, lead, beryllium, chromium and chemical flame retardants. If electronics are allowed to breakdown in the landfills, these toxic chemicals are released into the soil, air and water, and cause pollution. Such pollution is hazardous and causes serious health conditions and discomfort to citizens living in the surrounding space

Financial Benefits of Electronics Recycling

In addition to environmental benefits, Battery Recycling Toronto offers a wide range of financial benefits as well.

Creates employment: There is an ever-increasing rate of unemployment among youth. Since electronic waste is a huge matter of concern, its recycling will require an entire army of strength. Employment in the Mississauga electronics recycling industry will stem from high-end professional recycling and refurbishing services, along with huge scale cleanup services

Minimizes cost: Recycled products are cheaper than new ones, due to which electronic goods become easily accessible to middle class people as well. Recycling also minimizes cost related to mining and processing of new raw material. Less cost will be required to control pollution as well, a huge percentage of which is caused due to toxic substances in electronic waste

Delivers financial incentives: Most governments and environmentalists offer incentives and rewards for electronics recycling, like buy-back offers for old electronic products. This system allows manufacturers to reduce costs required to obtain new raw material, and also to offer electronic goods to consumers at reduced costs. So, it’s a win-win situation for manufacturers as well as consumers

COM2 Recycling Solutions is a US based electronics buyer and recycler. They are making huge efforts to improve the condition of environment as well as the economy by way of Toronto electronics recycling.

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