EPBAX for Hotel: An Essential Need for a Richer Guest Experience

Highly professional services, rich guest experience, and an effective and efficient communication system play a great role in establishing the good image and reputation of a hotel. Owners of reputed hotels always keep looking for ultra-advanced communication systems so that they can enrich not only their guests’ experiences but also facilitate and streamline their business operations well.

Hotels need a business phone communication system that can empower their staff to respond to guests’ demands from anywhere in the hotel. At this juncture, an all-in-one and well-integrated hospitality PBX solution called EPBAX for hotel is all they need.

These hospitality communication solutions:

  • Capacitate hoteliers to combat industry-wide business communication challenges and to provide extremely superior hospitality experience.
  • These solutions are fully scalable and have the capability of addressing current and future communications needs as well.
  • Power-packed with hotel-specific features, these solutions not only improve staff’s productivity but also enhance the guest experience.
  • Easy and hassle-free one-time installation.
  • Features include PMS integration, staff mobility extensions, and voicemail as well as personalized greetings.

As a hotelier, while approaching a PBX service provider, you should have a crystal clear idea about what you exactly need from your business communications system. In this regard, you should consider the following:

  • Total number of employees and the lines required
  • Location of all offices and employees
  • Broadband particulars
  • Local/long distance needs
  • Conference calling and electronic faxing
  • Call volume
  • Accessibility and tech support
  • 24×7 availability of the service provider in case of an emergency service needs
  • The ability of the system to automatically route the calls to appropriate departments.

Some essential particulars of a communication system for hotels include the following:

  • UC Client for PC/Laptop
  • Call Management with a Single Click
  • Guest Shift
  • Room Clean Status
  • Call Budgeting
  • Front Desk Management Features
  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Guest-in and Guest-out
  • Hotel Activity Log

You as a user need to clearly describe the bandwidth you exactly need to meet your specific needs. Generally what determines the bandwidth needs of a user (company) includes:

  • Call volume
  • Codec
  • Packets per second capability (PPSC)
  • Total Packet size over WAN

In case you have insufficient availability of bandwidth, your data packets will move very slowly.

The endnote 

In contemporary times, be it a hotel or any other business establishment, an effective and effective business phone system is one of the most primary requirements. The business owners who care for this aspect of their business always remain ahead of their peers.

The concept of a unified communication solution came into existence to meet all types of business communication needs. There are companies in India that offer fully customized business communication solutions, especially for the hospitality industry to make business operations a breeze and take the guest experience to a new high.

You can ask for quotes from many different solutions providers to meet your needs. Investment in a robust phone system for hotels is often a one-time investment that keeps paying high value every day, every moment. You can get a huge rundown of such companies very easily on the internet.

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