Equipment You Need for a Successful Flea Market Stall

Flea markets and swap meets can provide a great opportunity for crafters and small businesses. They’re fun for anyone who enjoys buying, selling, haggling, hunting for bargains, and interacting with likeminded folks. They’re also great business opportunities and some entrepreneurs rely on them for a good percentage of their income. Whatever your level of commitment, having the right equipment, from a good 2 wheel dolly to the supplies for staging your wares, can make vending at flea markets a lot easier, so that you can focus on making sales.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.10.32 AMEquipment for Transporting Stock and Gear

Having the right transportation equipment makes setup and breakdown more efficient, and your back will thank you for it. Trusty equipment for moving your stall, canopy, and stock from place to place will help you make the best use of limited time before the market opens. A traditional hand truck or hand cart works well for many vendors. One of the best, most versatile options is a convertible hand truck. Convertible hand trucks can be used in a vertical position, like the traditional hand truck, and they can be used horizontally, allowing for far more platform space. If your storage or stock isn’t particularly stackable, the convertible truck might be a preferable option. Having both those two options can cover a wider variety of transportation scenarios.

Signage, Props, and Lighting to Get Foot Traffic

Among the most charming features of flea markets and swap meets is their informality. They host an incredibly eclectic, fun, and interesting collection of people and inventory. Bartering, haggling, trading, and deal-making are encouraged and everything’s up for negotiation. However, that informality can lead vendors to extend the more laid-back commerce style to the display and presentation of their booths or sales spaces and the stock they carry. They can overlook the importance of drawing the eye of the customer who would otherwise not notice the vendor or the great items up for grabs. Take advantage of noticeable signage, props, staging, flattering lighting and whatever else contributes to your stall or booth standing out. Try multi-level displays to make sure some of your best items aren’t blocked from view.

Storage and Organization to Protect and Organize Items

Appropriate storage and organization of stock isn’t something we always think to optimize. It’s easy to get stuck in the way we’ve always done things, even when our needs change. Unfortunately, inventory that is poorly stored and organized can be damaged, broken, or lost. Everyone has different preferences for this kind of organization and storage. However, there are some general strategies that tend to pay off. For instance, for smaller items like jewelry, something like a rolling toolbox or a collection of tackle boxes can work well. Cloth totes with handles are good for some storage situations. For larger stock, consider a collection of lidded, waterproof plastic tubs or bins. Whatever your storage solution, make sure it’s easily stackable for easy transportation with hand trucks.

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