Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also referred to as male sexual impotence, is that the Persistent Inability to realize or maintain an erection that permits for Satisfactory sexual activity .

It must be differentiated from other sexual problems, like lack of desire, ejaculation disturbances (premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and absence of ejaculation) or disorders of orgasm.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) isn’t a disease, but a symbol. Manuel Girón de Francisco, from the Urology Service of the La Paz University Hospital , Madrid, points out that, within the absence of a psychogenic cause, it’s “a symptom of an involvement of vessels and nerves liable for the erection, whether thanks to smoking, diabetes , hypertension thanks to aging with age, sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity , etc. ” actually , he stresses, ” disorder may be a major explanation for male erectile dysfunction .”

Causes of male erectile dysfunction

Impotence or Causes of male erectile dysfunction can originate from:

Psychological causes

In these cases, the penis doesn’t present any physical alteration, however, diseases like anxiety (often caused by fear of not getting an erection or defrauding the woman), depression, problems with the partner and even stress they will affect the sexual act.

Also excessive concern about work, social or family problems means the required attention isn’t dedicated to the sexual act. Fatigue, loss of appetite, lack of exercise, insomnia, or job failure also imbalances sexual reflexes.

Vascular causes

This type is extremely common. The penis cannot accumulate the blood necessary for an erection to occur, generally because it doesn’t arrive in sufficient quantity. Smoking, high vital sign , diabetes, some heart conditions and increased blood cholesterol levels can cause vascular disorders that make erection difficult.

Neurological causes

In these cases there’s a disruption within the transfer of messages from the brain to the penis because there’s an injury to the nerves involved. this happens with medulla spinalis injuries, MS or after some surgical interventions on the pelvis.

Hormonal causes

They are rare. they’re generally thanks to a scarcity of male sex hormones.

Symptoms of male erectile dysfunction

The main symptom of male erectile dysfunction may be a change within the quality of the erection, both in terms of stiffness and therefore the ability to take care of an erection.

If impotence is caused by physical causes, one among the most indicators within the inability to possess or maintain an erection when awakening within the morning.

On the opposite hand, if it’s caused by psychological causes, impotence usually occurs during a selected period of your time (while the strain situation lasts, for example). If it persists for quite three months, the patient should seek an urologist specialized in anthology.

Prevention of male erectile dysfunction

The main measure that men should take under consideration to avoid the looks of male erectile dysfunction is that the modification of the life-style to avoid any habit that negatively affects the arteries and veins, like smoking, the consumption of alcohol and saturated fats, sedentary life and stress.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Many doctors suggest that the selection of treatments for impotence or male erectile dysfunction to be followed should range from less to more invasive. Starting with leading a healthy lifestyle, continuing with psychological help and pharmacological treatment and / or vacuum devices and, finally, surgery.

The counseling is suggested for men under 40, since in these cases the explanation for the disease usually be psychological. Even in cases of impotence / male erectile dysfunction thanks to physical problems, many men need psychological help to beat self-esteem problems derived from this disease.

According to the rules of the American Society of Urology and therefore the European Society of Urology, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors are first-line therapy and therefore the following agents to think about for correct pharmacological treatment. Before taking any of those treatments it’s necessary to consult the specialist:

Tadalafil: Commercialized as Cialis, Tadalista 20, Tadacip, Vidalista 60 it works by increasing the blood flow within the penis always within the presence of sexual stimulation. This drug must be ingested half-hour before having sexual activity and its efficacy can reach 24 hours after administration. Dietary intake doesn’t affect the absorption of the drug. Side effects are generally mild to moderate: headache, rhinitis, facial flushing, or muscle aches.

Vardenafil: Marketed as Levitra, Vilitra, Vilitra 60, Super Vilitra it works by increasing blood flow within the penis always within the presence of sexual stimulation. Its administration should be administered between 25 and hour before beginning sexual activity and its effect lasts up to five hours. The side effects of this medication are mild and range from headache and nausea to dizziness or rhinitis. confine mind that the concentration of the drug in blood is delayed if you eat a high-fat meal. However, this delay doesn’t occur with the orodispersible form. The orodispersible sort of Vardenafil allows it to be taken without water and fatty foods don’t interact.

Sildenafil: referred to as Generic Viagra,buy Kamagra, Cenforce, Fildena, Cipla Suhagra and Super P Force it works by increasing blood flow within the penis always within the presence of sexual stimulation. It should be taken an hour before sexual intercourse begins and its effect lasts up to five hours. It can cause side effects like headaches, hot flashes, gastrointestinal or visual disorders. It can’t be taken by men who have retinitis pigmentosa or who are taking nitrates (like the opposite treatments). Like vardenafil, its effect are often affected if foods rich in fat are consumed.

Avanafil:Whose brand name is Spedra, works by increasing blood flow within the penis always within the presence of sexual stimulation. It should be taken half-hour before sexual activity and its effect can last up to six hours. just like the previous two drugs, their effectiveness also can be suffering from eating high-fat foods. Regarding the side effects, they’re almost like the remainder of the inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 (IPDE-5).

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