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The patriot’s front line of the season is not more beneficial to them in the past, and the return of Haita is great. At present, the patriots defensive groups are the most alliance in the number of lost codes, the number of lost scores and the number of passes.

1 year ago“I think he is an excellent player. He has completed many excellent achievements in this alliance, and we are very excited to sign him,” Kamhake said. “In these virtual conferences, I immediately attracted my attention. He is very sharp. He is very smart. He asked the right question. So he has experience, he has the ability, you have seen him to complete the long pass, he has outstanding The arm force. So there are many places that can be excited, we look forward to working with him. “

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Titan and the old four-point guard according to the informed news report, the contract is $ 5.25 million. 34-year-old Cassel can get $ 2.75 million.

If Yang’s performance in the rookie season reaches Miller and Pepez in his own show, the power of the red skin guards will not be underestimated. Miller got 11.5 killing in the rookie season, Pepez won 12 kills, and the two became the best defensive new show in the season.

“His one doesn’t want Juliet,” Rivira said. “His body is like him; he is his mini version. He has a stronger initial explosive power. Juliet is very high, his explosive power is very good, but because of his one, it seems to be more explosive than actually. I mean It is Zhu Limez to be a phenomenon-level player, and this young man may be his type of player. “

Kassel was at 17-38 in Jacksonville as a Jacksonville American Tiger in the 16th week of the final, relevant web site but in the regular season, Houston Texas. His performance is not excellent, but his familiarity of the Titan offensive system is his advantage. When Titan is waiting for Mario Tak Recurrence, Kassel will be needed to operate most of the rest.

“Our team is surprised. We don’t. That’s why we pick him. I think he has grown a good progress. He meets all the requirements. When the wheel arrived, he will be ready. I am satisfied with his current progress, “Shumer said after the game.

So when Jones will be ready to become the successor of Eli Manning? It may not be in the first week of competition, because Jones also made some mistakes in this stage, including twice. But Shu said that he is only talking to Jones for the fall of the ball. “Don’t do this.”

There is a famous career of 2 meters 01, and he has selected a professional bowl of career. It has been selected for the best lineup. In 2002, he became the best defensive new show in 2002. In addition, it was also selected for the 2000 and 2010 NFL. Ten years of the best lineup. His career has achieved 159.5 times, and the ranking history is fourth.

Saints plan to limit the workload of the first quadruple Drew Brees in training, ensuring that his arms can get a full rest while ensuring Winston and another four-dimensional Taisham Taysom Hill can have a chance to train together with a starting lineup.

Kassel was played in 4 games last season, and 51 passes successfully obtained 284 yards 2 times to double the pass passed. At the beginning of Marcus Mariota, his role became critical after the fracture of the fracture of December.

Giant coach Shu Mo satisfied with a rookie quarter Swaniel – Jones growth progress

Beijing August 18th, New York Giants Daniel Jones, the second consequence in the second episode, which surprised the giants to choose the selection of his selection of the sixth and selection of the selection of his great dissatisfaction. . However, the team coach Pat Shurmur didn’t think so.

Saints Offense Coach: Sixty-point Wei Jie Misi – Winston is a smart player

Jameis Winston has not had a chance to show his strength to the New Orleans Saints in the training ground this year, but he has given the team’s attack coordinator Pitt-Carmichael (Pete Carmichael) I left a good impression.

Tom-Braddy completed the banned appeal hearing

NFL announced that the New England Patriots 4-point Guou Breddy Tuesday night, the NFL headquarters in New York completed the appeal of four banned prostles.

On May 11 this year, NFL announced that Braddy was banned due to violation of the fairness of the game. Before the ban, the penalty report announced that the independent investigation report claims that Braddy “at least roughly knows” this year’s Federal Championships in the United States of Indianapolis, the patriot will be the possibility of the might of the game with the ball. The possibility of knowing it.

cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the indication of the Braddy team was given to about four hours to state the views, but in fact, the process of testing is far longer than four hours.

Lobport reported that Braddy’s plan was to express the survey as much as possible, but it is not clear whether he is willing to pay to his communication records to Roger Goodell, which is responsible for the arbitration of NFL President Roger Goodell. The patriot boss Robert Kraft is not in the United States at this time, so he provides a written statement to support Braddy.

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